‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson Roloff and Lilah’s Favorite Rowdy Pastime

Little People, Big World‘s Jackson Roloff, and Lilah Roloff are great playmates. And recently, their mom, Tori Roloff, caught them on film doing their favorite activity.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff is a Great Big Brother

When Lilah Roloff first came home from the hospital, fans worried. Little People, Big World star Jackson Roloff didn’t look excited about his little sister. In fact, he didn’t even care to see her when he came to the hospital.

Many viewers of LPBW thought the hospital scared Jackson. And that’s likely why he didn’t want to have anything to do with the new little bundle. Once Lilah was home, and Jackson could see her at the house, he warmed up quickly.

Now that Lilah from Little People, Big World is fast approaching the one year mark, Jackson Roloff and little sis Lilah Roloff are always playing together. In fact, if there’s rarely a time when the two aren’t together doing something. Sometimes Jackson is feeding his sister, reading to her, or they might be doing their favorite activity—wrestling.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Lilah Roloff is a Tough Little One

Despite Lilah’s age, she’s a tough little one. The Little People, Big World celeb isn’t afraid to wrestle with her brother Jackson. Even though he’s got a couple of years on her, she knows how to hang.

Tori recently caught them on camera wrestling. But Jackson Roloff of Little People, Big World was gentle with his sister. Fans of the TLC show say it’s one of the most adorable things they’ve seen.

Now that Lilah Roloff can sit up and play, it makes it a lot easier. Jackson Roloff tried to help Lilah learn to sit up for a long time. And now everyone’s hard work paid off, and Lilah is more independent than ever.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World: Growing Up on the Farm

Even though Jackson and Lilah don’t live at the farm, they spend a lot of their time there. Little People, Big World cutie Jackson Roloff is his grandpa’s biggest little helper. And Lilah will likely be right alongside him as soon as she can toddle around.

Family patriarch, Matt Roloff, said he would like the grandchildren to grow up on the farm. He remembered when his kids grew up on the farm. And he would love that for the next generation as well.

The situation with the farm is still up in the air in the twenty-first season of Little People, Big World. We do know that the family did the pumpkin festival this year. But as to who owns what, we won’t know until they reveal it in the upcoming episodes.

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