‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson Roloff Follows in Dad Zach Roloff’s Footsteps

Little People, Big World star Jackson Roloff seems to be following in his dad, Zach Roloff‘s footsteps. Zach is a big fan of sports, and it looks like Jackson might have the same interest.

Little People, Big World: Zach Roloff’s Son Jackson Roloff Shows off Athletic Skills

Zach Roloff’s passion for sports seems to be rubbing off on his son, Jackson Roloff. The Little People, Big World cast member’s little boy recently showed off his athletic skills. According to Zach’s wife, Tori Roloff, their child likes to play “soccer goalie like daddy.” Jackson even already has some impressive moves. He could be a future soccer star in the making.

Zach Roloff from Little People, Big World grew up playing soccer. Being on sports teams was a big part of his younger days. He was on many different teams and even did a lot of traveling for games. Zach is also no stranger to coaching teams. So, there’s a good chance that he may be Jackson Roloff’s coach one day. But, it seems like Jackson might also have a future in another career path.

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff

Jackson Gives Zach New Hairstyle

Jackson Roloff spends a lot of time hanging out with his dad, Zach Roloff. The Little People, Big World father-son duo have a very strong bond and enjoying playing together. Zach is usually the one teaching Jackson new things. But, it seems like Jackson thought he could teach his father how to style his hair. Zach’s little boy may grow up to be a soccer star. However, Jackson might also have a future as a hairstylist.

Last month, Little People, Big World‘s Jackson Roloff, gave his father, Zach Roloff, a new look. Instead of running around with a ball, the TLC father sat down and let his child play with his locks. In a clip of Jackson being a hairstylist, he was combing his dad’s hair and making it a complete mess. However, he had a big smile on his face while looking at his dad’s new look. As for Zach, he was happy seeing his child having fun, even if that meant having messy hair.

Little People, Big World: Zach Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World Celeb Has Concerns about Son’s Development

Zach Roloff and his family will be returning for another season of their TLC show. He and his wife, Tori Roloff, are now parents to two little ones. As a little person, Zach understands the possible health issues that his children could face. He grew up having to go through a lot of medical procedures. Zach doesn’t want his kids to have to go through the same struggles. But, he knows that he and Tori could have a long road ahead of them regarding their kids’ health.

Little People, Big World spoilers indicate that Zach Roloff has concerns after realizing that his son, Jackson Roloff’s legs aren’t straight. He starts to worry that his kid may have to go through the same surgeries he did. So, he and his spouse, Tori Roloff, seek professional help. However, it seems like Jackson is a strong little boy and is ready for the journey.

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