‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Agree Latest Baby J Pics Best Ever

Little People, Big World fans fell in love with Tori Roloff‘s latest pics of Baby J on Instagram.  Actually, the consensus, going by all the comments seems to be that these are the best photos that she posted of baby J yet. The photos show Zach holding baby J and Tori holding him up above her head, the way you do with cute little people. Incidentally, the previous one, a few days older showed just Zachary and baby J holding hands. That one came highly rated as well.

‘Little People, Big World’ photos of Baby J treasured

Baby J photos shared by Little People, Big Word’s Tori Roloff and Zach seem to make people very happy. From across the globe, the appreciation rolls in on their Instagram pages. In fact, fans treasure the pictures as the young couple obviously love their little family very deeply. Recently, in the newest batch of pictures, Tori captioned them as “Savoring every last moment of summer with my two favorite boys. ? #zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff.”

The pictures showed that love between the LP, BW family beautifully. Some people found it difficult to decide which was the best one. In the first image, Tori’s holding Baby J up high against the sky. Besides that, it’s a photo that highlights the joy on her face and the beautiful area where they live. Fans picked up on that, agreeing that living on the farm is the best life. Follower nicolebensonwilliams wrote: “That is the BEST mommy and me photo I have ever seen! You can see the pure love, admiration, and joy in both of their faces. Beautiful scenery too. I’d love to have a farm to be able to call my home.”

The second photo showed Baby J in his Micky Mouse jammies

The second photo that really got fans gushing showed baby J in his cute little Micky Mouse jammies. Zach was holding him in his arms and both of them had the biggest smiles. As a matter of fact, if eyes are truly a mirror to the soul, that really applies to the dad and his boy. Apparently, lots of followers noted the beautiful colors and love in those eyes. Meanwhile, many more people wanted to know where Tori got the jammies from. One follower even hoped they could find a pair in the UK. Actually, people sometimes post in foreign languages, which shows how popular the Little People, Big World reality TV show is.

People just get so much pleasure from the constant stream of cuteness that comes from Tori’s camera. Mostly, appreciation comes in with almost every comment like this one from andrealynnleb. “You NEEEEED to frame that second picture. Blow it up and frame the heck out of it. Like I literally CANNOT EVEN! ???.” Next up, were the nice words from follower mississippimud1115. “I just love this picture, beautiful family ?.” Others agreed they were probably the best photos Tori had yet posted on Instagram. “OMG! Those are two of the cutest pictures you ever posted,” said grambetty8.

‘LP, BW’ fans keep coming back to the Roloff family

Instagram isn’t the only place people catch up with the stars of LP, BW. Across social media, constant streams of people return to ask if the show still continues. Amazingly enough, one user on Twitter was shocked to discover that both Zach and Jeremy are parents. However, once they find Tori Roloff’s Instagram page, dedicated followers regularly pop in to get their daily fix.

What do you think of the latest pictures posted by Tori of Zach and Baby J? Do you think these are the best pics ever posted by her? Stay up to date with news about the stars of Little People, Big World by checking back with Soap Dirt often.