‘Little People, Big World’: Chris Marek Saves Amy Roloff from Kitchen Nightmare

Little People, Big World star Chris Marek saved Amy Roloff from a kitchen nightmare. When Amy needed help with an appliance in their kitchen, Chris was there to save the day.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Suffers Kitchen Mishap

Amy Roloff is no stranger when it comes to whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen. That area in her house is the Little People, Big World cast member’s happy place. She enjoys cooking for her friends and family. Amy is also known for her cooking and baking skills. She even likes to share her recipes with fans. Her fiance, Chris Marek, is lucky to live in a house with someone who has impressive cooking skills as his future wife does. He will never be hungry.

However, the Little People, Big World reality star’s life got flipped upside down when she suffered a kitchen mishap. Amy Roloff had a problem with one of the appliances in her kitchen. Her gas stove wasn’t working. But, luckily she has a handyman like Chris Marek around.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Chris Marek Becomes Amy’s Hero

Chris Marek took a shot at trying to fix the stove. The Little People, Big World castmate brought out a few tools and took a look at what could be causing the problem. Amy Roloff was there to watch her future husband work on the kitchen appliance. It didn’t seem like an easy task for Chris. But, Amy had faith that he could fix it.

Chris Marek from Little People, Big World didn’t let Amy Roloff down. He got the stove working again, and it didn’t seem to take him a long time to figure out what was wrong. Amy was glad that Chris was able to fix it. She said that “he conquered” it. Amy also called Chris her “hero.” But, it seems like she was just happy to have her stove back in action. She said, “now I can get back to what I love to do — cook.”

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Little People, Big World Couple Planning a Wedding

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek seem to have big plans for the upcoming year. When the global pandemic hit, they put their wedding planning on pause. But, it looks like they are back to planning the special day. Before the holidays, Amy even went to a dress shop to look for dresses. She said, “I guess this is really happening.” But, it doesn’t seem like she found the one.

The Little People, Big World celebs have been living with each other for a while. However, Chris Marek didn’t move in with Amy Roloff right away. When she first bought the house, she wanted to live on her own first. But, once Chris made the move, they made their home their own. And now that Amy has Chris living with her, she doesn’t have to worry about hiring someone when her appliances start to act up.

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