‘Little People, Big World’: Caryn Chandler Married to Matt Roloff?

Little People, Big World star Caryn Chandler said she married Matt Roloff from pumpkin farmer. TLC fans started to wonder if they secretly tied the knot when no one was looking.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Nervous Over Caryn Chandler Comments

Matt Roloff from LPBW sat listening uncomfortably. Caryn Chandler defended herself against claims that she is a gold-digger. In fact, she pretty much laughed that Matt wouldn’t be a good target if she were a gold-digger.

Caryn laughed that Matt is a pumpkin farmer, which implied he wasn’t a good mark for getting money out of. Fans of Little People, Big World didn’t buy it saying that Matt Roloff has plenty of money from other things. Yet others said they think the pandemic knocked out some of his money since he had to get a government loan.

While Caryn Chandler talked about not being a gold-digger, she said she was married to Matt of Little People, Big World. Quickly, she caught herself and asked if she said married. Everyone confirmed she said married, and she said that they didn’t marry and that it was a misspeak.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler

Matt Prepare for a Long Life with Caryn

Despite Caryn Chandler’s misspeak, it seems like Matt Roloff is happy with her. Neither of them seems like they are rushing toward marriage. Fans of Little People, Big World said they thought Matt would rush to be the first one to marry after the split.

Even if Matt and sweetheart Caryn don’t want to marry, they plan to spend their lives together. Matt Roloff is working on a new house that is his dream house. He said he made sure to make it have plenty of room for Caryn Chandler.

Little People, Big World celebrity Caryn said it is going to be Matt’s house. Despite this, Matt wanted to make sure everyone knew she would live there with him. She went on to say that the house in Arizona is their house together.

Little People, Big World: Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World: Making the Most of the Farm

Matt Roloff isn’t the only one enjoying their farm life. Caryn from Little People, Big World has her chickens that keep her pretty busy. They produce a lot of eggs, which means they are happy – and so is she.

Caryn Chandler used to manage the farm, so she definitely knows her way around it. Fans said they wonder if she ever thought she would be the lady of the farm. Many haters said they think she planned it out the whole time.

Whatever the case, it seems like Matt from the TV show Little People, Big World is very happy about his current situation. He and Caryn are very much in love and enjoying the farm together.

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