‘Little People, Big World’: Caryn Chandler Goes Behind Matt Roloff’s Back

Little People, Big World‘s Caryn Chandler went behind Matt Roloff‘s back recently. Matt started doing fan appearances through an online service. And it looks like Caryn wasn’t paying much attention when she was caught on camera.

Little People, Big World: Caryn Chandler Vegges Out behind Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff recently did a special video for a fan of Little People, Big World. He said some nice things to them, and it seemed pretty normal. But before long, fans noticed that Caryn came up from behind Matt and was chomping on chips in the background.

LPBW fans thought it was pretty funny that Caryn Chandler was eating chips while Matt Roloff filmed. But this isn’t the first time she dropped in on one of his videos. During his self-filming for the TLC show, she also showed up unannounced.

Viewers laughed that Caryn might not even know she was caught on tape eating chips. Whatever the case, it gave Little People, Big World watchers a good laugh. And viewers wondered what other funny moments might come to light later.

Little People, Big World: Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff

Matt Learns Technology

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff said he isn’t too good with technology. But despite that, he learned how to record himself without the camera crew. Now that the film crew understands the pandemic better, the full team seems to be back on track again, though.

Matt Roloff does his best to learn the things he needs to keep up with the show. But watchers said it’s easy to see technology challenges him from time to time. And it doesn’t seem like Caryn Chandler pays too much attention to technology. That’s mainly because the camera caught her eating without her realizing it.

Whatever the case, viewers of Little People, Big World are glad they still get some insight into their life. The last season of the show was short because of the taping issues. And viewers wonder if Matt has to do more self-taping for the show and if Caryn Chandler will photo-bomb.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler

Caryn Enjoys the Christmas Holiday

It doesn’t look like Caryn Chandler is slowing down on snacking after the holidays. In fact, it seems like she found her favorite chips and is going to town. Caryn is back in Arizona with Matt after Christmas, and they are having a good time in the warm weather.

Little People, Big World stars Caryn and Matt enjoyed some time with the grandkids before heading south. Part of that time included some playtime on the floor with Lyla. And it looked like Caryn Chandler, aka Cha Cha, was having a ball.

Even though COVID-19 is still looming, Matt and Caryn had some family over. They made sure to keep the groups small, but they still got to have some fun.

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