‘Little People, Big World’: Baby Lilah Ray Meets Murphy – A Week of Firsts for Newest Roloff

Little People, Big World’s newest addition Lilah Ray Roloff is adjusting to her family life. The newborn is having a whirlwind week since entering the world. Tori Roloff and baby Lilah are doing well. So now the adjustment to their new normal begins.

It’s been just over two years since Zach and Tori Roloff had a newborn baby in their care. However, this time its a baby girl so somethings might be the same but so many things are different. No doubt Jackson Roloff is loving his new role as a big brother. In fact, the Little People, Big World toddler is adapting well to not being the center of attention. He’s even embraced the concept of sharing. Here’s what we know about baby Lilah’s week of firsts.

Little People, Big World Update: Baby Lilah Ray Roloff Meets Murphy

Little People, Big Worlds’ Lilah Ray Roloff is home and doing great. Her proud parents shared some precious pictures of their little princess’s first few days at home. The new parents seem to be pleased with how well Lilah is acclimating to her new home. They are also quite happy to see their oldest son embrace his role as big brother. So far he’s not exhibiting any signs of jealousy. In fact, he’s very willing to share with his new sister.

Little People, Big World’s Jackson Roloff loves “his” dog Murphy more than anything (besides his parents of course). So it comes as a bit of a surprise that he’s sharing Murphy with little Lilah. In the pictures below is one adorable snapshot of Murphy watching over his newest human. According to Zach, “Murphy is smitten with her”. No doubt Lilah Roloff will soon be besties with Murphy just like Jackson. Tori adds, “Murphy would stay next to this kid all day if he could”.

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LPBW: Tori Says Baby Loves Bathtime

Little People, Big World new mom Tori Roloff shared with fans and followers her daughter Lilah’s first bath. Most babies enjoy bath time. And Lilah Roloff is no exception. This is just one of the many firsts Lilah Ray Roloff experienced this week. However, Lilah seemed to enjoy her bath most of all. According to her mom Tori, “Lilah girl got her first bath today! She liked it so much she blew out her pants to earn herself a second!” Looks like this might have been Lilah Roloff’s first of many explosive diapers for Tori and Zach to change. However, the new parents are taking this incident in stride and with their trademark humor.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff’s Birth Unites Family

The birth of Lilah Roloff appears to have mended a few fences in the extended family of the Little People, Big World Roloff clan. Seems Zach’s divorced parents, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff, have finally put aside their differences in the wake of their new granddaughter’s arrival. Both Matt and Amy have since moved on with other people. In fact, Amy Roloff just recently became engaged to long-time boyfriend Chris Malek. However, Amy has had a hard time accepting Matt’s relationship with Caryn Chandler, their former farm manager.

New grandpa, Matt Roloff shared a picture that had both his ex-wife and his current significant other along with his grandson Jackson when he announced Lilah’s arrival on his Instagram. This is great news to the entire Little People, Big World family, especially as the holidays roll around and the arrival of Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff’s son gets closer. Heck, even better news for both sets of new parents because now they’ll have an easier time getting the grandparents and their significant others in the same room to babysit. Can you say date night?

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