‘Little People, Big World’ Baby J – Zach Roloff’s Maintenance Wingman

Little People, Big World‘s  Baby J is the new maintenance wingman for Zach Roloff as he goes around fixing things about the house. Baby J is determined to get into everything his dad is doing. Consequently, Tori Roloff managed to snap a fun picture of the two boys in action in the kitchen. Tori Roloff posted up yet another adorable image of Baby Jackson and this time he was showing off his curiosity in how things work.

‘Little People, Big World’ domestic mishaps

In her Instagram post, Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff noted that with her doing the housewife thing, it sometimes ends up in domestic mishaps. Twice now, she broke the garbage disposal – “2 in one year ??‍♀️- this whole housewife thing is really working out.” Then she mentioned how lucky she is to have her handy husband Zach Roloff around to come to the rescue and fix things. The difference is that these days, baby J also wants to take a hand to everything, and be Zach’s maintenance wingman.

The photo shows everything is clean and there’s a blanket on the floor for the two ‘mechanics’ to work on.  Zach Roloff is laughing because Baby J crawled right in under the cupboard. It looks like the cutest member of Little People, Big World is inspecting the pipe repair job his dad did.

‘LP, BW’ – Baby J and Zach Roloff burst Tori Roloff with love

Tori is just bursting with love for her LP, BW family. In her post, she wrote, “I love these two so much I feel like my heart may burst…dad swoops in to save the day with his wing man.” Fans love to see the photos that Tori posts up of her family. Some of the comments included bettywatson29 saying, “Aww daddy’s little helper.” Commenter tigerlilly33, noted Jaby J as a wingman was the “Cutest freaking thing EVER!”  Another fan reacted with, “Oh my goodness how cute is this pix…Thanks for sharing your sweet family Tori.”

Other fans of Little People, Big World offered Tori some advice on using a garbage disposal. One of them suggested she looks for a little reset button underneath the machinery to help clear it. Follower shortjoan65 posted, “As a plumber’s wife you have to watch what you put down the garbage disposer. There are some tricks of the trade to do that, does not mean it is broke and can be fixed yourself. But I love the way Jackson is in there helping and Zack is loving that little guy.”

Most people loved the photo but there’s always a hater

In one hour, the photo of baby J Roloff helping dad as his wingman drew more than 60k likes. But there’s always a hater. This time, one who previously commented that baby J was a bully to his dog, had another go at Tori over it. They said that Baby J “needs a good bite.” Nevertheless, few haters follow the fan-favorite couple and their little boy. Rightly, most people just ignored the comment.

Instagram follower leslieritz16 must get the thumbs-up for the best advice of the day. They posted this helpful comment: “No carrot peels, onion peels, potato peels, or celery!!!!! Mine is 20 years old and still going strong!” What do you think of baby J acting as Zach Roloff’s wingman in household maintenance tasks? Do you think he’s a little cutie-pie? Stay tuned to Soap Dirt for more news on Little People, Big World.