‘Little People, Big World’ Baby J Hitches Ride From Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World fans increasingly share Matt Roloff’s joy over his grandson, baby J. Matt Roloff posts more and more photos and video stories on Instagram for fans of the reality show. Wednesday night, (August 29), Matt posted up a story. It looked like a still image as nothing was happening.

Flicking to the photo page of his Instagram, the same picture of Little People, Big World’s Baby J came up. Reading the caption made it completely clear that the story actually was a video.

‘Little People, Big World’ – Matt Roloff’s motionless movie with Baby J

Matt’s motionless movie on Insta stories showed baby J standing completely still. But in his image post, Matt Roloff explained how he’d filmed Jackson standing absolutely still in one position. According to Matt, he held the pose for ten minutes! Matt said that Jackson was “Hoping to catch a ride with his Grandpa.” These days fans often see baby J out and about with his Grandpa and it’s obvious he loves to play at being a driver. However, it seems maybe he gets left behind with his mama sometimes. This time, he seemed determined to head out.

The cute little member of Little People, Big World looked so determined, standing by the garage. He was ready to roll in his tee, track pants and sneakers. As Matt Roloff pointed out, how could anyone resist this determination? Especially when you throw in the appealing look on Baby J’s face. Matt’s caption read, “This little soldier just stood totally still right there for 10 min without moving… hoping beyond hope that he could catch a ride with grandpa… :))). How could I resist his graceful patience?”

The little guy was after hitching a sweet ride with Matt and he got his wish. He loves the rig. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. TLC ran a story screened before his birth, saying that Jackson would be a hi-tech kid!

The second half of ‘LP, BW’ Baby J hitching a ride

Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff noted that this was two-part LP, BW story. This was because, as he noted, he simply couldn’t “resist his gracious patience.” Then he directed fans to his next image. It was so cute. The bright and bubbly toddler was right up there standing and smiling as his blue eyes beamed with happiness. It may have been a long wait though, as he’s had his tee changed! Matt Roloff captioned the slide with, “Ahhhhh. The sweet sweet simple rewards of life!”

As usual, Matt’s photos of baby Jackson get such a lot of love. Inside of half an hour, the photos were loved over a thousand times.

Little People, Big World viewers noted how much he loves to ride the Mule, and that both baby J and Matt just shone out love and happiness with their big smiles. @diana06754 spoke for a lot of people when they commented, “The smiles on both your faces says it all. You are a wonderful grandpa.?” Others also notice his change of clothes and asked if his striped tee was the outfit he wore when out and about: kind of like a “driving outfit.”

Roloff Farms – The pumpkin season starts in about five weeks

In other news, the Roloff farms starts pumpkin season in just over a month. It’s a fun and busy time, full of activities for kids and the young at heart. Those hoping for a glimpse or a meet and greet from the Roloff family need to know that the best way is to book a tour, starting September 1. The chances of meeting Jackson? Well, judging by Matt Roloff’s photos lately, he’ll more than likely be up on the Mule with grandpa and heading for the fields!

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