‘Little People, Big World’ Baby J First Toddler’s School Day

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff took to her Instagram to describe how she felt about Baby J going to his first Toddler’s School day. Until now, Baby J stayed with his family at church, but this Sunday it was time to be a big boy and go to classes with the other kids. Every parent knows how it feels to see their kids off into new activities without them for the first time. Often, the separation is harder on the parents than the child, as Tori found out.

‘Little People, Big World’: Baby J heads to school confidently

Tori felt so concerned, imagining Baby J would cry and miss his mommy, but he went off confidently by all accounts. The Little People, Big World mini-star apparently “walked right in like he owned the place.” Tori described her little “man” as acting like she should “get lost” and let him get on with it. She mentioned that she was so proud of him. Then she added that he is so “sure and confident.” She hopes that as he goes through life, he will keep his friendly nature. However, Tori admits she didn’t stay sure and confident. When she picked him up she was worried a bit. Actually, she prayed he hadn’t cried and missed her.

It turns out that the worry all sat with Tori Roloff, as she explained the little guy seemed quite at home. The ladies who run the Toddler’s School at the church told her he wandered around “talking the whole time.” In fact, when Tori collected him he was all smiles as he sat on the ground chomping on his Cheerios. It sounds like Mom’s relieved and Baby J had a blast!

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‘LP, BW’ Tori faces more separation

Tori Roloff, whether a star in LP, BW or not faces more separation as time flies by. The day will be upon her in no time at all when he’ll be off to school. As missusandiowens noted in their comment, “He is such a cute boy. That’s how I felt when my daughter went from the toddler’s classes to elementary class in Sunday school and then kindergarten… Omg. Where does the time go? ???.” Others urged Tori and Zach to hang onto these memories as time is so fleeting.

Another user, melisjanmiller, wrote to Tori, about her Baby J feelings. Now Tori knows “how parents feel when they drop their kid off for school.” It’s always so hard on parents. However, Tori probably needn’t worry about the future days of separation from Baby J. She noted in her caption that Jackson literally gave her a wave off sign when he headed to Toddler’s School. It’s almost impossible to think Baby J was so tiny such a short time ago.

Audrey Roloff updated on Ember talking, but what is Baby J saying?

About a week ago, Audrey Roloff updated LP, BW fans about the milestones Ember reached recently. She said that Ember said “mummy” for the first time, but she got “dada” pretty quickly. She also say’s “Hiiiii.” Perhaps Tori could update fans on how much Jackson talks. Tori mentioned he “talked” the whole time at Toddler School. Is that just baby blabber, or is he chattering in big people words yet?

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