‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff’s Sudden Urge

Little People, Big World‘s Audrey Roloff said that she experienced a sudden urge recently. And her husband, Jeremy Roloff, said that he too experienced that same urge.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Prepares for Christmas

Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World is in the holiday spirit. Not too long ago, she and her family went to a Christmas tree farm. While there, they met up with one of the biggest characters of the season.

TLC’s Audrey and the family hung out with the Grinch. But it didn’t look like Bode Roloff or Ember Roloff thought this character was very trustworthy. Before preparing for Christmas, Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World had some Thanksgiving fun.

Before Thanksgiving day, Audrey and her family went to Amy Roloff’s for an early Thanksgiving. But it doesn’t look like they did too many more get-togethers during this season. Fans wished them happy holidays and a safe season.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff

Audrey Gets Crafty

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff said she got a “sudden urge.” These urges were to start doing a lot of DIY projects. In fact, Audrey said she’d done more crafts with the kids, more baking, and a lot of other things that she didn’t use to do.

Jeremy also said he felt the need to DIY and is on board with her efforts. Audrey from Little People, Big World said she keeps putting up new crafts around the house. She wants to do her best to make the Christmas season an enjoyable one for her family.

One of the biggest crafts Audrey showed off was making her own wreath. She also said that she’d made her own garlands as well. And that they turned out really well and look nice for her decoration efforts.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World: Building Business & Enjoying Life

Audrey of Little People, Big World, and Jeremy Roloff are building their businesses despite the pandemic. They have their book, and now they have a marriage journal. Some people give them a hard time because their marriage is so young, but many people still like what they do.

Besides their books and journals, they also sell other products and builds teams in their one business. Fans of Little People, Big World miss them on the show but understand their need to make their own path. It wasn’t long ago when Audrey and Jeremy decided to leave the show and forge their own path.

LPBW celebrity Audrey Roloff said she enjoys spending time with her family. And viewers love seeing the young family as they grow. Fans complimented Audrey for her ability to do so much while having two young children.

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