‘Little People, Big World’ – Audrey Roloff Dangerous Spider Scare

Little People, Big World stars, Audrey Roloff and Tori, are mums to little children. Mothers become more aware of dangers in the domestic environment when little ones are around. Now, it seems that Audrey Roloff worries about a dangerous spider in the house. She took to her Instagram stories to post up about what she thought might be a brown recluse spider near their closet.

‘Little People, Big World’ – Audrey Roloff asks for advice on spider

Audrey Roloff wrote that the spider she saw was near the closet where there are storage bins. Plus there are “lots of piles of clothes.” While initially, she didn’t say specifically that the spider was in their own house, she didn’t say it was in a friend’s home, either. She elaborated on the message, saying that she thinks it was a recluse spider. This was because it was “huge but small-bodied” and had no stripes, or other colors and wasn’t hairy.

Audrey noted that she’s aware these spiders don’t actually occur on the West Coast.  However, she added that she was almost certain it was one of them. Then she asked people with experience with the dangerous spiders to message her. Maybe someone did message her because the story was short-lived and ended already. However, it was up long enough to screen grab her message.

Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff Spider Story
Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff Spider Story | Audrey Roloff | Instagram

Audrey researched the spider in the ‘Little People, Big World’ house

It seems that Audrey Roloff went off and did some research on the spider. The next picture in the story showed a chart of spiders. A red circle drawn around the brown recluse spiders suggested the way it looked. If that’s what it really looked like, then Audrey obviously needs some advice.

Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff Spider picture
Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff Spider picture – Audrey Roloff | Instagram

Brown recluse spiders deliver a nasty bite

Brown recluse spiders deliver a very nasty bite. However, there are other spiders which get confused with the dangerous kind. Gizmodo noted that recent viral story about dangerous “spiders from hell” killing people was fake. In their article, they wrote that Rick Vetter, “a retired research associate from the Entomology Department at University California, Riverside,” said the viral story spider was a woodlouse spider which isn’t dangerous. It looks like a brown recluse though.

However, Audrey obviously must protect her Little People, Big World family, especially baby Ember. Her last image, posted up later showed a bottle of Spider Off and she captioned it with, “It’s War.” That last image makes it fairly certain that the possibly dangerous spider Audrey mentioned is lurking in their home. Dangerous or not, Audrey Roloff’s taking no chances, it seems.

Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff Spider Off
Little People, Big World Audrey Roloff Spider Off – Audrey Roloff | Instagram


Better to be safe than sorry with spiders and babies

Spiders occasionally turn up where they really shouldn’t be, especially with air travel. However, according to a paper by Rick Vetter in 2008, the brown recluse doesn’t occur anywhere outside its native range. When they do bite people, it’s usually after they put on clothing with the spider trapped inside. The bites may cause tissue to rot through a gangrene-type infection. However, luckily they rarely bite and would rather hide.

What do you think about Audrey Roloff’s fear that the spider is a dangerous brown recluse? Is it possible one of the spiders hitched a ride to their home? Even more important, if it is one, is it alone? Hopefully, the spider gets captured, so entomologists correctly identify it. In the meantime, the family may not sleep too well. Unfortunately, the brown recluse hunts for its food at night.

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