‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Struggles to Find Home – Chris Marek Makes an Offer

Little People, Big World teasers reveal that Amy Roloff is struggling on the TLC shows because it’s taking her a while to find a home. Meanwhile, Chris Marek tries to help her find a positive outlook on the situation. If Amy somehow finds herself homeless, Chris suggests where she could live. It’s all a part of the build-up to him popping the big question. LPBW airs every Tuesday on TLC.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Amy Roloff Asks Chris Marek’s Input

Amy Roloff has Chris Marek come over to help with her pool. While he is there, Amy hopes to get Chris’ input on “this whole house hunting thing”. Then, Amy found a house and put in an offer, but the owner turned it down. Now, she feels like she won’t be able to find a new place to call home anytime soon.

Little People, Big World previews indicate that Amy Roloff finds all this hunting for a home stressful. Then, Chris Marek says she seems “a little stressed”. Next, Amy tells Chris, “there’s a lot going on”. She thinks “the house thing is kind of depressing” her. It is not going exactly as Amy hoped it would on LPBW.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

LPBW Celeb Amy Feels like the Farm Isn’t Her Home Now

Amy Roloff hoped to already be in a new house by then. But, Chris Marek ensures her “it could still happen”. However, she doesn’t share the same optimistic attitude he does. Chris says he tried to help Amy be a little more positive. He notices she tends to be more pessimistic. Plus, Chris Marek says when searching for a place to live, a positive mindset is crucial. If not, he says, “every house is going to be wrong”.

The Little People, Big World promo explains that Amy Roloff needed a little encouragement from Chris Marek. She says that he “definitely needed to encourage me a little bit to stay positive.” However, Amy says that she no longer feels like the farmhouse is her home. And that’s why she wants to get out as soon as possible.

Chris Marek Makes a Suggestion about Living Arrangement

Chris Marek tries to look at the bright side when helping Amy Roloff look for a new home. He tells her that she won’t get “kicked out of here tomorrow”. If she is, Chris has a suggestion where she could live. He says that she can move in with me him and “wait for the right house to pop up”. But, Amy Roloff doesn’t seem on board. She tells him, “I don’t know — is there a ring on it?”

Little People, Big World fans already know that Chris Marek and Amy Roloff are engaged. So, she and love Chris will move in with each other – and he did indeed put a ring on it. But, the question is — will the couple move in with each other before or after their wedding? The two have said their wedding will most likely happen in 2021.

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