‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Sports Fancy Must-Have Accessory

Little People, Big World‘s Amy Roloff showed off one of her favorite new accessories. If Amy wants to continue on the TLC show, she has to use it.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Looks Glamorous

In a recent photo, Amy Roloff shows off a beautiful new look. You can see her makeup is done, but you can’t tell if she’s wearing lipstick. Why is that? Because Amy is wearing a fancy new mask.

The Little People, Big World star said she has to wear the mask during production. And she said she wears it every time she goes out in public. Amy Roloff said she understands the risk of going out in a pandemic, and she wants to be safe.

Amy Roloff also added that she doesn’t go out much at all lately. But fans have seen her go on motorcycle rides, traveling to Michigan, enjoying the Oregon coast’s beaches, and more. But most of the time, she has socially distanced herself.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff

Amy Tested for COVID-19

Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World said she has to test for COVID-19 to keep everyone safe. People believe that the whole crew and cast get tested as well. The good news is that Amy was negative for the coronavirus.

One of the fans did say that Amy hasn’t been social distancing. In fact, there are photos of her at her granddaughter’s birthday bash. And fans say they saw non-family members there.

No one in the Roloff family shared more photos of the party—except where it had the family in it. It seems like they are getting a lot of backlash from Little People, Big World fans. But Amy is trying to show people she is taking precautions as much as possible.

Little People, Big World: Ember Roloff

Little People, Big World: Preparing for a New Season

Despite the fact that the show will be back on soon, Little People, Big World is still taping for fresh content. Fans want to see how the season turns out with social distancing. As long as everyone is getting tested, wearing masks, and not going out in public too much, fans think it should go well.

Whatever the case, this season will be much different. Not so much due to the pandemic, but due to Amy leaving the farm. She said that she knows she won’t see her son Zach Roloff and his family as much since she won’t be at the farm.

In Little People, Big World spoilers, Amy left the farmhouse. And as she left, she said someone else would make memories there now.

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