‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff’s Voluminous New Hairstyle

Little People, Big World‘s Amy Roloff has a brand new and beautiful hairstyle. In fact, she said that she feels great with the new look and that it was easy to do.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Leaves the Farm

After almost 30 years on the farm, Amy Roloff no longer lives there. But after she left, she did have to come back for the famous Little People, Big World pumpkin festival. Amy is the one out of all the family that loves dressing up and meeting fans the most.

Amy Roloff is the most outgoing member of the family. Even TLC’s Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World said Amy is the one that does well with people. Whatever the case, she’s no longer living at the farm, and she has her own home with fiance Chris Marek.

When Little People, Big World star Amy left the farm, she said it was a difficult thing to do. But she wanted someone else to experience the farmhouse and have great memories there. Many fans root for Zach Roloff and his family to move in at the farm.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff

Amy Fixes Her Hair

Little People, Big World celeb Amy Roloff said it could be difficult to keep hair nice. But she did say it is important to her that she looks nice. Amy said she doesn’t have a lot of time to fix her hair, so she uses a drying brush.

The LPBW celebrity brush-dried her hair and said it looks amazing. The thing she liked the most was that her hair had a lot of volume. She doesn’t like it when it looks all thin and stringy and said that her hair looks amazing when she does it this way.

Fans told Amy from the show Little People, Big World that they love her new look. And that the voluminous look is perfect for her face. It looks like she has a new routine for her haircare now.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World: Embracing the Holiday Spirit

Amy recently asked fans to “make a difference” during the holiday season and throughout the year. Little People, Big World celebrity Amy Roloff suggested giving to charities that feed and clothe people throughout the winter. She went on to say that she was very thankful and grateful—even through this difficult time.

Amy said it was now Christmas season in the Little People, Big World house. She showed her gorgeous Christmas tree and decorations. Fans told her they loved how her new house looks and wished her happy holidays.

Fans also went on to say that they can’t wait to see the newest season of the show. Amy already let fans know they were taping but so far hasn’t released a premiere date.

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