‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Gets Emotional about Bullies – Zach Roloff Fears for Son

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal Amy Roloff gets emotional while talking about being bullied as a child. Growing up it was hard for Amy. Not only did she have to deal with many health issues, but she also had to deal with harsh comments from her peers. Being a little person, people would treat and look at Amy differently. As a fellow little person, Zach Roloff fears that his son may endure the same treatment him and his mother experienced.

Little People, Big World – Amy Roloff Recalls Dealing with Bullies

Amy Roloff dealt with a lot of struggles and hurdles growing up. Constantly feeling different from everyone really affected her. Amy admits “things from your childhood can affect you for the rest of your life”. Even though she is an adult now, Little People, Big World‘s Amy Roloff still gets emotional thinking about her past. However, Amy is releasing a book titled “A Little Me” in which she talks about growing up as a little person.

Little People, Big World spoilers explain that Amy Roloff dealt with bullies as a child. A story about Amy dealing with bullies is brought up. The story includes a man who would always follow Amy home from school and “just said nasty stuff” to her. Amy Roloff starts to get emotional and says “it was, you know, not good.”

Zach Roloff Learns About Mom’s Troubled Past

Zach Roloff knows what it is like to grow up as a little person. Like his mother, he also faced a lot of hurdles. Therefore, he can sympathize with what his mom went through as a child. However, Amy and Matt Roloff did whatever they could to make sure Zach didn’t go through what they did. Zach is now a little more aware of what his mom went through as a child.

Little People, Big World spoilers show that Zach Roloff finds it shocking to hear the severity of the bullying his mom went through. Zach realizes that it “wasn’t like a one off, this is like a thing.” He acknowledges that dealing with bullies is serious.

LPBW Star Worries Son Will Be Mistreated

Zach Roloff starts to open up about his fears of being a father to a son who is also a little person. He is aware of what it is like for little people growing up. Zach doesn’t want Jackson to have to go through all the struggles and hurdles he had to. Zach also doesn’t want people to treat his son differently because of his stature.

Little People, Big World spoilers indicate that Zach Roloff fears that Jackson will deal with being bullied. As an adult with his own child “being bullied it is a serious deal.” He wants to protect his son. Jackson already has to deal with looking different than everyone. Zach also explains that he doesn’t want people to treat Jackson differently.

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