‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff & Fiance Chris Marek Break Quarantine at Top Speed

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff and her fiance Chris Marek took a break from quarantine and hit the road at top speed. Due to the virus pandemic, most people are staying home. But, Chris and Amy ditched lockdown to get some fresh air. New episodes of LPBW air every Tuesday night only on TLC.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff and Chris Leave Home during Lockdown

Amy Roloff has been doing her part to help fight the virus outbreak. Like many people around the world, she has been staying indoors as much as possible. But, it doesn’t look like she’s been home alone. Amy has been in quarantine with Chris Marek. Although she and Chris have been spending time indoors, they did take some time to enjoy the nice weather.

Last month, the Little People, Big World couple took a trip to a beach in Portland. Amy Roloff was there with Chris Marek taking for what they call an “annual friends weekend trip.” While soaking up the sun, Amy took the time to remind fans to stay safe and healthy. Since then, she and Chris took another break from being quarantined. The two recently went on a motorcycle ride to take in the warm weather.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Chris Marek Takes Amy on First Ride of the Year

Chris Marek recently took Amy Roloff out for a ride on his new motorcycle. The Little People, Big World matriarch said recently, they took their first ride of the season while the Oregon weather “was perfect.” The two spent some time on the road with the wind in their hair. Amy shared a few pictures from their adventure. She said that she’s excited to go on many more rides in 2020.

The Little People, Big World cast members left quarantine to spend time outdoors. Chris Marek and his fiance Amy Roloff enjoy going on motorcycle rides together. Amy said that she really enjoys the open roads that are less traveled. Plus, she likes “sitting behind Chris” while they take a relaxing ride outdoors. And she called the scenery “gorgeous.”

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

LPBW Celeb Hopes Fans Are Doing Well While Quarantined

Amy Roloff has been taking this time to do things that she usually doesn’t have the time to do. She said that by staying in, she gets the chance to watch Little People, Big World with Chris Marek. Amy’s often extremely busy. But, now that she has this extra time on her hands, she is getting the chance to keep up with her show. She also told fans not to miss the new episodes.

The Little People, Big World reality star also took the time to check in on fans. Amy Roloff wanted to see how everyone was doing during these difficult times. She said, “I hope you’re still doing well” to fans online. Amy also said that “we can still do this together… for all of us.”

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