‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Adjusts To Life Off The Farm – Hints When New Season Debuts

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is still adapting to her new life in her new house. It’s a huge change for her after decades of living on over 33 acres of land on Roloff Farms. So, of course, she’s experiencing mixed emotions as she settles into her new digs.

Adjusting from farm life to a subdivision in the burbs no doubt takes time. Here’s what Amy has to say about her plans for 2020 and when her hit series Little People, Big World returns to TLC.

Little People, Big World: Latest on Amy Roloff Settling Into Her New House

Overall, the Little People, Big World matriarch is excited about recent changes. In fact, she’s doing things in her new house to bring her peace. For instance, cooking for her loved ones brings her joy. Recently, she hosted Christmas dinner for family. Then, this weekend, she made a cozy brunch for herself and fiance Chris Marek.

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff admits this is a big transition. But, she’s adjusting to her new surroundings. Having neighbors so nearby is a new experience. However, she likes her new space and looks forward to making it a home. Everything will just take time. However, she won’t have to do it alone. She’s got her rescue pup Felix by her side as well as future husband Chris.

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LPBW: TLC Star Gushes Over Chris Marek

Little People, Big World alum Amy Roloff credits her fiance Chris for all his help. Recall, he’s a Realtor so he was the one who found her new place. Additionally, he’s been her rock as she transitions from the farmhouse and her former life. Plus, he’s been doing lots of projects on her to-do list.

Also, he’s keeping the Little People, Big World celeb company as she sorts and purges her belongings collected over the 30 plus years she lived on the farm with Matt Roloff. Amy says she couldn’t have done this move without him by her side. She’s thankful he’s in her life.

Little People, Big World Update: Amy Roloff Hints New Season Air-date

Amy Roloff confirms she’s filmed scenes for Little People, Big World. And now she revealed her move off the farm features in the new season. However, LPBW fans are anxious to know when that kicks off. According to Amy, the new season should start this Spring.

In addition to Amy Roloff’s move, we can also expect to see Tori Roloff’s pregnancy and the birth of Lilah Ray Roloff. Since the last few seasons debuted in April, it looks like we should see all-new LPBW episodes in less than three months.

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