‘Little Life on the Prairie’ S1 E2: Lauren’s Eggs Harvested – Juniper Starts Ballet – Nate Gets Pregnant Goat

Little Life on the Prairie spoilers for “All Our Eggs in One Basket” Season 1, Episode 2 reveal that Nate Webnar, Lauren Webnar, and adorable little Juniper Webnar continue their journey. Lauren’s IVF consultation reveal great news. She has a bumper crop of follicles blooming in her ovarian basket. It looks like tonight brings happy news for the Webnars.

Nate Webnar Builds Cow Shed – Little Life on the Prairie

The Little Life on the Prairie family tidy up after Xanna the cow and decide they need to build a shelter for the cow. Lauren Webnar wants the cow shelter to be “cute” and looks at country craft magazines. Nate Webnar reminds Lauren for the umpteenth time that it’s not a pet. Then, Nate constructs a cow shelter using wood pallets and plywood lying around the farm.

Nate Webnar’s short arms are an obstacle and Lauren Webnar teases him. He says his parents raised him to be self-reliant and not let his stature hold him back. Lauren and Juniper cheer him on as he builds. Nate wants to get milking goats next. Lauren Webnar thinks the cow is enough for a while. After two babies lost, Lauren wants to focus on her IVF and not goats.

Juniper Webnar Thrilled About Ballet

On Little Life on the Prairie, you see that Lauren Webnar hopes Juniper won’t be picked on at dance class because she’s got achondroplasia. Lauren remembers being teased and wants to protect her daughter from hurt. Juniper Webnar is thrilled to get her ballet shoes and tights. Nate and Lauren worry and discuss that Juniper doesn’t know she’s a little person and won’t grow up to be big.

Nate Webnar remembers being pushed in the pool when he was little just because he was different. Lauren Webnar admits that junior high was hard on her. Both come from families of big people. Lauren says she lost friends because she was different. On the way to ballet, Lauren is nervous, but Juniper is not. It goes well and she tells Nate later it was great.

Little Life on the Prairie - Juniper Webnar at ballet

Lauren Webnar Starts IVF Treatment

Back home, on Little Life on the Prairie, it’s time for Lauren gets her IVF injection meds in the mail. She’s worried about messing up the shots while Nate Webnar worries about the cost. Lauren says she can’t have coffee and will be crabby. They’re hoping for the best and have sunk a lot of their savings into paying for the IVF. Nate Webnar tries to give Lauren her first injection.

Lauren gets impatient, takes the needle and sticks it into her own stomach while he cringes. At 36 hours before the egg retrieval, Lauren must do the trigger shot to make the egg thing happen. She shows off the bruises on her stomach from all the shots. Lauren complains about feeling bloated and just wanting the procedure to get the eggs out of her stomach.

Little Life on the Prairie - Juniper Webnar and goat

Little Life on the Prairie – Pregnant Goats and Eggs

On Little Life on the Prairie, Nate and Juniper Webnar go see the goats. They spot Hannah, a pregnant goat they want and another named Bunny. Nate flinches at the $450 cost but they decide to go for it. Juniper wants to milk them. Nate knows Lauren doesn’t want the goats but hopes that the goat being pregnant will soften her to it. He and Juniper agree to surprise Lauren with the news.

After the reveal, Lauren jokes about her and the goat being pregnant together. Lauren and Nate Webnar worry about the procedure since it’s actual surgery. They hope to get 12-16 embryos for genetic testing. At the doctor’s office, they give Lauren anesthesia and they harvest the eggs. The procedure takes longer and Nate worries. Turns out they got 16 eggs – a huge harvest!

That’s all the scoop for Little Life on the Prairie, spoilers, Season 1 Episode 2 “All Our Eggs in One Basket.” Be sure to watch on TLC on Monday nights and check back with Soap Dirt often for all the latest reality show scoop.