‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Spoilers: Brent Marks Ignores Sara Tariq While Friends Visit – Relationship Is Over?

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers show Brent Marks ignoring Sara Tariq while his friends visit him in Mykonos. Brent doesn’t introduce Sara to his friends, which causes friction in their relationship. Cast mate Jonitta Wallace takes it upon herself to let Sara know what Brent has been saying behind her back. Allegedly the relationship between the two is “just a Mykonos thing” for Brent. Will this be the end of their relationship– or will they give it another chance?

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club – Brent Marks Questioned About Future With Girlfriend

Brent Marks’ friends are in town visiting him in Mykonos. While they visit him at the VIP house, Brent Marks doesn’t formally introduce Sara Tariq to them. He spends all his time with his friends and starts to ignore Sara more and more. She attempts to engage in conversations with his friend. Other VIP ambassadors notice how Brent is treating Sara.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers show Brent Marks getting asked by one of his friends if he is still going to be in a relationship when he gets home. He doesn’t answer the question and laughs it off. One of his friends say “I don’t know if ‘wifey’ is going to be ‘wifey’ still.” The VIP ambassador replies with “we’ll see.” Doesn’t sound promising for the couple.

Sara Tariq Claims Relationship Is Over

Jonitta has a talk with Sara Tariq and lets her know what Brent Marks has been saying about their relationship. Sara is upset that he is ignoring her and not introducing her to his friends. However, she admits to being tired of making excuses for Brent. Their relationship has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers reveal that the relationship between Brent and Sara is over. Sara Tariq says “honestly, I think it’s pretty much over after this.” She has put up with a lot dealing with him. Being in a relationship with the Las Vegas VIP host has made her time at the beach club hard. Now she sees that nothing good can come from being in this relationship.

Relationship Non-Existent Post Show

The relationship between Brent and Sara is very complicated. Throughout the season they broke up and got back together on different occasions. They loved each other one moment and hated each other the next. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that their relationship is over for good. There is no telling what the future looks like for the pair.

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According to the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star’s social media the couple are no longer together. There are no pictures of Brent Marks on Sara’s profile. To add to the suspicion that they are no longer together, Sara Tariq’s recent Instagram story includes the spoiler for this week’s episode. She adds “I’m hurt”. However, she is “moving onto bigger and better things.” Looks like it was “just a Mykonos thing.”

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