‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Spoilers: Billy Estevez Kisses Another Girl – Treats Sara as Bad as Her Ex?

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers indicate Billy Estevez kisses another girl during a night out in Mykonos. It doesn’t take him long to find a new girl to lock lips with. Not long before the club hook-up, Billy was pursuing things with Sara Tariq. He insisted he would treat her better than Brent Marks did. Now, it seems like he is not so different from Brent after all. Sara has once again finds herself dealing with a man disrespecting her. It sure looks like history repeating itself on the MTV reality show.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Spoilers: Billy Estevez Eyes Another Girl

Billy Estevez has had his eyes on Sara Tariq from the moment he met her. So, his time in Mykonos was spent waiting for Brent to mess up giving him the chance to make a move on Sara Tariq. With Brent out of the picture, Billy made a move. It seemed like he finally got what he wanted. However, his actions during a night out says otherwise.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers show Billy Estevez getting a little too close to a girl in the club. He is seen by the other VIP ambassadors dancing with this girl. They also see Billy Estevez kissing the random girl. The VIP ambassador got what he wanted. Sara Tariq’s attention. But now that he has it, he is out seeking attention from someone new already.

Sara Tariq Better Off Single on Lohan Beach Club?

Early in the season, Sara Tariq and Brent Marks made their relationship official. However, their relationship was far from perfect. The couple often fought and made up, which only affected their performance at work. With their jobs on the line and many problems in their relationship, they called it quits for good. However, Sara moved on pretty fast with another VIP ambassador.

The Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star gave love another shot with Billy Estevez. After getting the green light from Sara, Billy leaned in for a kiss — right in front of Brent Marks. However, that kiss soon came back to haunt Sara Tariq. Because Brent saw Sara kiss Billy. And now she finds herself in a similar position. She knows now how it feels to see someone you like kissing someone else.

VIP Ambassadors Surprised and Confused

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers reveal that VIP ambassador Aristotle Polites is surprised by Billy’s actions. Knowing the recent terrible experience that Sara just had with Brent, Aristotle tells Billy it’s risky to do something like that to Sara Tariq. Surprisingly, Billy Estevez knows he messed up. However, perhaps he can fix things.

VIP ambassador Alex Moffitt is confused about the situation. He doesn’t get why Billy Estevez decided to “break out of his shell” and have fun at the moment he just got with Sara. Because Alex adds “it’s just a minute too late” for that. Billy is finally in a good place with Sara Tariq. So, it is not the time to be having fun with other girls. Watch the drama unfold on a new episode on MTV.

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