‘Life After Lockup’ Josh Hyatt Explains How To Survive ‘Life on the Inside’ During Quarantine

Life After Lockup star Josh Hyatt is helping fans get through the coronavirus quarantine by sharing some helpful advice. He has plenty of experience being locked up after he robbed a bank. But prison is a little bit different from being inside the house. So, Josh offered some activities to do, ranging from chores to watching mature adult movies. What are you doing during your time?

Life After Lockup: Quarantine Tips With Josh Hyatt

Josh Hyatt is stuck at home like much of the rest of the country with a lot of extra time on his hands. But his time behind bars has prepared him for situations like this. In Josh’s video to Life After Lockup fans, under his name is the title “Containment Expert”. It’s titled, “Surviving Life on the Inside” and he gives some pretty solid tips on how to remain sane.

“So you’re going on a quarantine,” the Life After Lockup ex-con says. Josh says that there’s “so much” stuff to do, unlike there is in prison. “This is going to be easy,” he brags. But even though it’s not as bad as jail, Josh told his fans to stay safe. “You better have food,” he added.

Josh Lists Off Lockdown Activities

There’s not a shortage of things to do stuck inside of your homes and Josh Hyatt gave some pretty good examples. He told Life After Lockup viewers they could watch stuff on streaming services like Youtube, Netflix. Or even watch some adult films if they’re in the mood. If you aren’t into television, he says you can get on top of your household chores. Maybe clean the house or start that backyard project that you’ve been wanting to.

“Start thinking of ways you can make a million dollars,” Josh jokes in the clip. But make sure to include a cut for the Life After Lockup cast member if it works out. Other things Josh Hyatt thinks are good to do during quarantine is working out or training your dog.

Life After Lockup: Josh Spending Time With His Lady?

Although Josh Hyatt says people quarantining by themselves are “lucky”. He has three dogs that live with them named are Mug Shot and Cujo. He shared a picture of his new girl and claimed he was a “sucker for greenish-blue eyes”.

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