‘Life After Lockup’: Brittany Slims Down – See Before and After Pics as She Celebrates Huge Milestone

Life After Lockup wife Brittany Dodd Santiago celebrated a huge milestone online – and showed off a slimmer look in the process. Meanwhile, viewers want to know about her newest baby with husband Marcelino Santiago. What’s the latest from the WEtv pair?

Life After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago Celebrates Online Milestone

Brittany Dodd Santiago recently surpassed 100,000 followers online. And, she took the time to thank her followers for their support. She and her husband are a fan-favorite couple for many Life After Lockup followers. And, viewers followed their journey since the first season of Love After Lockup.

She thanked Life After Lockup fans for supporting her and her family – along with everyone rooting for their success. Marcelino Santiago’s wife included some interesting hashtags in her update as well, like “#successafterprison” and “#felon2fame”.

The former felon turned her life around in a number of ways since being out of jail. And, many Life After Lockup viewers are happy to see her strides since coming out of the clink. Meanwhile, many of her followers left congratulatory messages for the WEtv celeb.

Life After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago

LALU: Brittany Shows off Simmer Look

Brittany Dodd Santiago’s latest follower milestone isn’t the only thing about her recent update fans notice. Marcelino Santiago’s bride also included a recent snap. And, she looks considerably thinner in the latest pic. Did she have the baby?

A big part of the couple’s storyline on Life After Lockup is the mounting financial pressure on Marcelino Santiago with a baby on the way. And, based on recent pics online, it looks like Brittany Dodd Santiago already delivered her latest bundle of joy.

Brittany Dodd’s baby bump is gone in the most recent update. And, she looks skinnier than she has in recent months. Due to this, many Life After Lockup watchers assume she had her baby with her spouse. The pair kept the birth of baby Zoila under wraps before her big reveal. So, they might do the same this time around as well.

Interestingly. Brittany Dodd Santiago’s most recent updates online don’t show a clear view of her belly. And, in the latest pic celebrating 100,000 followers, a balloon covers her stomach. So, it’s clear they do what they can to keep fans guessing about the status of her newest baby.

Life After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago

What’s Next for the Life After Lockup Duo?

Certainly, there’s a lot going on for the WEtv pair. Marcelino Santiago recently dished online he and Brittany Dodd have full custody of her young son, Giovanni. The young boy lives with the Life After Lockup couple. And, that situation is now permanent.

Meanwhile, if they keep the birth of Brittany’s latest baby under wraps, it’s worth keeping an eye on when new info comes out. It’s likely they’ll hold off on posting baby updates until the current season of Life After Lockup wraps. So, that’s something to watch for moving forward.

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