‘KUWTK’ Kim Kardashian West Gets Reality Checked On Twitter – Nicki Minaj

KUWTK with Kim Kardashian won a reality TV series category at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards (PCA). The Kardashian clan of the E! cable network show rocked up with Kim Kardashian wearing a slinky number – what’s new? The snug form-fitting outfit caught the eyes of fans and critics alike. In fact, Nicki Minaj even talked about Kim’s “a** in that dress,” during her acceptance speech. Actually, she dedicated her award jokingly to Kim’s rear end. Meanwhile, the Kardashians dedicated their award to something entirely different.

KUWTK star Kim Kardashian shares an article about the “a**” comment

Over on Twitter, it seems Kim Kardashian took the comment about her behind as something of a compliment. She shared coverage on it by the Daily Mail UK. Her post said, “My boo…Nicki Minaj mentions ‘Kim Kardashian’s a**’ at People’s Choice Awards.” Many people reacted nicely, as avid fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians practically worship Kim. Actually, her style in fashion rocks a lot of people. However, detractors always follow celebs and even watch the shows, eager to speak their minds on social media.

A few followers of KUWTK decided that Kim Kardashian needed reminding that her the worlds a bigger place than her “a**.” Mind you, some of the memes that popped up may even give that the lie. However, there were some funny posts as well, and one of the best is shown below in answer to Kim’s tweet.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ reality check moments after Nicky Minaj post

California’s burning and nature swallowed up Malibu homes. In fact, The Bachelor mansion was damaged, and closer to home, Caitlyn Jenner’s home went up in flames. Even Kim Kardashian and Khloe evacuated their homes seen on KUWTK. Maybe that’s why some followers rushed in with some reality checks. One follower, @CharLieL_ posted, “And you’re legit proud of that?” Another follower, @JoeyD714, said, “Really? Nicki Minaj giving your a** props, I mean literally giving props to your gluteus maximus is important news?”

Meanwhile, @EranQuinlan posted up: “The fact that your a** was mentioned at an “award show” may be the most significant indication of a generation that is defined by likes, instant/ self-gratification, and promotion.” But possibly the hardest hitting reality check for the KUWTK star came from @DiCali007. They commented, “Really? U go from my house is burning and pray for firefighters etc to look at my a**. Narcissistic and shallow. Reality check is so needed in #hollywood.”

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