‘Killing Eve’: Season 3 Eve’s Disturbed Desire for Psychopath Killer Amps Up on BBC

Killing Eve rolls out Season 3 in a few days with Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) alive and well and once again hot on the trail of Villanelle (Jodie Comer). This series focuses on these two women and the intense feelings between the two.

BBC’s Killing Eve: Eve Polastri and Villanelle Can’t Get Enough of Each Other

It seems somewhere within the season’s first few episodes of Killing Eve they delve into the childhood of Villanelle. Viewers of the BBC America series learn when evil first bloomed in this mesmerizing killer. But what’s really going on is a love affair between two women that breaks all kinds of boundaries.

The Killing Eve stars are about as polarized as you can get when in the outside.world. Villanelle, the rather scary assassin, learns Eve, an ex-MI6 operative, is alive. But this raises the question of how this can be.

As both women attempt to live their lives without the other something happens to cause their paths to cross. The series promises a shocking death this season. This event ends up placing the ladies in each other’s scope. According to the Killing Eve previews, this starts the cat and mouse game all over again between the two.

Killing Eve: Eve Polastri-Sandra Oh

Bizarre Love Story Amps Up

While the critics offer mixed reviews of this third season of Killing Eve, most agree both the two main characters of Eve and Villanelle are at their best. From “heart-stopping” entertaining to a “predictable” show, the critiques are as polarized as Villanelle and Eve are themselves.

The season opens with the ex-MI6 operative with a new job after surviving getting shot in Rome by Villanelle. But her lifestyle now pales in comparison to her chasing Villanelle around Europe.

One critic describes these two women as they play off one another. It seems the courting for these two came with the first season. Then the second season honeymoon.

Now, in the newest season, it amps up with an intense relationship. A disturbing love-affair like desire bounces off the woman Eve, who is out to get this killer.

Killing Eve: Villanelle - Jodie Comer

Killing Eve: Creating the Psychopath Villanelle

In the preview for Killing Eve, Villanelle talks to a woman who knew her as a girl. Apparently this psychopath was once on top of her game as a gymnastic athlete. But it sounds as if she realized the value of getting rid of her competition at such a very young age.

Her psychopathic tendencies emerged long ago, as Killing Eve demonstrates in Season 3. Whoever this woman is, she seems to hold the key to Villanelle’s back story.

It seems a lot of effort went into creating this character. They enlisted the help of a psychiatrist to get Villanelle’s psychopathic presentation realistic.

Despite some critics not seeing a much longer shelf life for this series, reports indicate the fourth season for this BBC American show is already ordered. Killing Eve is popular whether critics like it or not. According to recent reports, it’s one of BBC iPlayer’s most popular shows. There are nearly 110 million views listed for the first two series on BBC iplayer.

Watch the first episode of Killing Eve Season 3 on AMC Sunday night April 12 at 9 pm EST.

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