‘Killer Curves’ BET Full Episode Brings La La Anthony Butt Injection Buzz

Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For recently premiered on BET. Upon airing, Killer Curves sent Twitter into a frenzy. Killer Curves delves into the dangers of illegal butt enhancements. La La Anthony narrates Killer Curves. But that sheer fact has some social media users waiting for La La to tell her own backstory.

Killer Curves on La La Anthony?

The narrator is La La Anthony who is also an executive producer of Killer Curves. La La is getting plenty of feedback from folks who want to know if she ever enhanced her butt. She tweeted in 2010 that she did not have butt implants at that point. Plus, butt implants scared her. La La heard it was hard to sit down afterward.

However, as the show explores famous and non-famous women who’ve gotten butt injections and “butt shots,” folks  wonder about La La. The butt implant trend caused problems for women who admitted getting illegal butt shots. As such, famous faces should speak up, urges Twitter.

Butt enhancements bring death

According to CNN, people are praising BET for airing Killer Curves. The documentary explored the stories of some women who have lost their lives due to bad butt injections. With everything from silicone to oil to random products being injected into their backsides, butt injection recipients took their lives in their hands. One patient lost her hands and feet. Another woman had silicone travel to her lungs, brain, and heart before dying.


Killer Curves has pulled back the curtain on what some women have done to get black-market surgery. In attempts to get butts that look like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, certain females have paid the ultimate price. Cardi B told the The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Club about her regrets. She got butt shots that could have killed her, as she said below.

With famous faces like Cardi B admitting to getting butt injections, certain tweeters are asking La La to do the same.

“Didn’t La La get surgery done?” wrote one Twitter user. “Sooooooo Lala are you going to share your story or nah,” wrote another.


Mainly, viewers were grateful. “After watching #KillerCurves on BET I’m so thankful I’ve never felt the pressure to augment my body.”


Killer Curves talks Brazilian Butt Lifts

Killer Curves touched on the Brazilian butt lift trend but didn’t mention the surgery’s “unusually high mortality rate.”

The Brazilian butt lift was shown on the show as an option to transfer a person’s own body fat into their buttocks. While a fat transfer may be safer (if it isn’t injected into the muscles), it’s not clear if the doc will tackle the new controversy. Also, it is not known if La La will tell her own truth during Killer Curves.

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