‘Kate Plus Date’: Kate Gosselin Tagged ‘Awful’ Ahead of Dating Show Premiere

Kate Plus Date premiere rolls out Monday night as Kate Gosselin looks to find another partner in love but this doesn’t seem an easy feat. Ahead of the dating show premiere, a former rep from TLC shared some tidbits about Kate Gosselin. He critiqued what it was like working with the TV mom. The comments weren’t pretty, to say the least.

Fans of her previous shows are well aware of Kate’s fiery reputation. They’ve seen her temper on several of her shows and specials. But ahead of the Kate Plus Date debut, a former co-worker has something to add. Joey Skladany, who worked for TLC as a publicist, heard of the mom of many’s reputation before meeting her. But he thought he could find a way to work with Kate Gosselin.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Searches For Love

Just watching a few episodes of one of Kate’s previous shows is enough to see how she operates. She’s seen screaming and yelling while trying to get her point across. Now with Kate Plus Date beginning, she’ll have several men attempting to win her over – or maybe not. At least one guy in the premiere excuses himself from the dinner table after failing to find a connection with this multiple mom.

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband and the father of her eight kids, often took the brunt of this TLC star’s rages. During one episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, she screamed at him in Toys R Us. When out in the parking lot, Jon confronted her. He told her that she treated him like a dog. With Kate Plus Date rolling out, it looks like this mom might need to keep her temper in check if she wants a guy to stick around.

Meltdowns of the Past For Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin’s reality career has taken her many places and she’s left a lasting impression on many who spent any amount of time with her. Fans probably remember when she and her brood appeared in an episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The former governor hosted an old fashion camp out for Kate Gosselin and her kids. It was nothing short of a catastrophe for the famous mom of sextuplets, evident by her complaints. It seems Palin’s father summed up that visit for the media by saying “she b*tched from the moment she got off the plane”.

Kate actually ended the trip before it was time after the kids got some melted marshmallows for s’mores on their sleeves. So, if any of the men she’ll encounter on Kate Plus Date were thinking about a camping outing as a date, hopefully, they saw that episode.

Kate Plus Date: Former Co-Worker Tried to Kill Her With Kindness

Skladany described in his interview how he decided to basically kill her with kindness and to get in her good graces. This tactic didn’t work as she wouldn’t even acknowledge him when he delivered compliments to the mother of eight. He told her how nice her hair looked before going on the set of a morning show. The publicist said she wouldn’t even make eye contact with him or acknowledge his comment. This might be something the prospective love interests from Kate Plus Date might find helpful before embarking on a date with this famous mom.

It appears Skladany’s feedback didn’t surprise the powers that be at TLC. The former publicist said he accompanied Kate Gosselin to the Today Show for an interview. It appears when the day was over he called his TLC boss. He summed up the day by saying how he found her “an awful human being.” Hopefully, her perspective soul mates on this new show don’t find her in the same mode as the publicist did. Apparently, the higher-ups didn’t debate his observations.

As it appears his critique of the TV mom didn’t surprise the boss he talked with at TLC. That was evident with their reply. Skladany said they told him “we know” and then thanked him for his “feedback”. The exact timeline of the former rep’s incident with Kate Gosselin is unknown. But it probably won’t surprise fans to hear his take on this mother of eight. Kate Plus Date airs Monday nights at 10 pm on TLC with the premiere rolling out June 10.

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