Kate Plus Date: Kate Gosselin Shows Off Perfect Man Then Dates 10 More

Kate Plus Date is Kate Gosselin‘s newest adventure for reeling in a man and it plays out in front of the TLC cameras for the world to see. Those folks who follow the matriarch of the original Jon & Kate Plus 8 then later on to her Kate Plus 8 show know she’s going to need one patient guy. First of all, anyone around a large family such as this one will need to be easy going. But in this mom’s case, it looks like she needs some calm and cool handling herself from time to time.

Kate Plus Date: Kate Gosselin’s ‘Perfect’ Guy Walks on Four Legs

Kate Gosselin is known to get her point across loudly at times. She’s also someone who’s demonstrated getting overwhelmed when stressed. Even though she’s about to embark on this journey of love, it looks like she already found the perfect man. She even shared a picture of the hairy fellow on her social media account. Maybe Kate Plus Date hopefuls should take a look at her idea of the “best man in the whole world”.

It looks like Kate Gosselin is ready to find love again. She’s been single for almost a decade since her divorce from Jon Gosselin, the father of her brood. Kate Plus Date seems to have a little bit in common with The Bachelor series of dating shows. TLC lined up 10 men for this TLC mom to date and through a process of elimination, she weeds them down to two. Then when she’s at the spot that coincides with The Bachelor’s final rose ceremony, this famous mom picks one of these two guys. Hopefully, they live up to her perfect guy below!

Kate Plus Date: Kate Gosselin

Ten Suiters and a Bunch of Kids

This TLC show sounds a bit more interesting than just going through the motions of getting back in the saddle of a long forgotten ritual. Kate Plus Date also incorporates her kids, mainly her 18-year-old twin daughters. They offer guidance and advice to their mom as she starts to date again. The Gosselin matriarch has only four of the sextuplets at home with her. Jon Gosselin has Hannah and Collin living with him.

So the other four, Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah are at home with their mom. By the way, the famous Gosselin sextuplets just turned 15.  Mady and Cara, Kate Gosselin’s older twins, will help their 44-year-old mom through her choices, according to the latest reports.

Kate Gosselin Plus Date: On Good Behavior?

It’s no secret that this celeb demonstrates a temper now and then. Anyone who watched her RV family vacation episodes on Kate Plus 8 knows that she has the tendency to blow up under stress. But hopefully, for the sake of the show, she’ll put her best foot forward. Although some might argue that it’s best for her potential soul mate to see the real Kate Gosselin before any commitment.

TLC describes Mady and Cara as their mom’s advisors on Kate Plus Date. You can see the teens asking questions of their mom’s potential dates on the video above. Apparently wearing cargo pants don’t fit in with their mom’s criteria. The girls say the first dates are to basically weed out any possible serial killers. TLC promises some fun times while this mom is on these dates along with some painful times as well. Now that her kids are growing up will Kate Gosselin find someone to share her life with her? This mom’s fans will soon find out. Kate Plus Date rolls out Monday, June 10, on TLC.

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