‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Reprimands Pile-Up – Some Walked In Collin’s Shoes

Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin can’t seem to get away from the virtual scolding after Jon Gosselin‘s recent bombshell parenting critique. These reprimands consist of full-blown condemning comments online aimed at the famous reality show mom.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Fans Find a Way In

The Kate Plus 8 matriarch hasn’t posted anything new on her Instagram account in almost two months. But fans seem so disturbed over Jon Gosselin’s recent allegations that Kate Gosselin followers hop on her old posts to reprimand the mom of eight.

Despite posts being a few months old, fans clicked into this TV mom’s Instagram. They hopped on the older posts as a way to message Kate. It seems as if some Kate Plus 8 followers felt so compelled to shake their virtual finger at Kate that they hopped aboard several social media sites.

Jon Gosselin said he was under a gag order for almost a decade as a part of their divorce settlement. This gag order barred Jon from talking publicly about his ex-wife or their marriage. That order expired this year and Jon’s not holding anything back about his reality star ex.

During a recent televised interview, Jon claimed his ex was both physically and emotionally abusive to their kids. He alleged the Kate Plus 8 mother used the kids as a means to fame and money. One of the most horrendous accusations to come from Jon was about Kate’s treatment of their son Collin Gosselin.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Accusations Go Viral

The mom made famous by TLC had Collin Gosselin admitted to the  Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute for three years. Jon claims it took two of those years for him to find where she placed their son. Then it took another year of court battles and red tape to get custody of his son and take him home.

The ex-husband of the Kate Plus 8 celebrity described how Collin Gosselin became an inconvenience for Kate. His only diagnosis is ADHD, a common diagnosis found in kids sitting in regular classrooms today across the nation.

But yet, Jon said instead of dealing with their son, his ex committed Collin Gosselin to an institution. Jon alleges that this mom from Kate Plus 8 left their son there, visiting only a handful of times in the three-plus years Collin stayed at that facility. He was alone, without family at that place, which Jon calls “inhuman”.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Kate Plus 8: Becomes Face Of ‘That’ Parent

In the last several weeks Jon held nothing back during the interviews he took part in. Due to the allegations, now it looks like the Kate Plus 8 celeb morphed into a different role for some fans.

A few of the comments slamming this famous mom come from adults who endured a similar childhood as Collin Gosselin. The post above seemed to hit home for one Gosselin family follower. The person describes how an institution did more harm than good in their case.

The family’s matriarch refuses to address any of the comments coming from her ex. She claims that one day soon, she will reveal the real truth behind the family. It seems fans became compelled to comment on Jon’s reports of Kate Gosselin and her parenting. They appeared driven to find any port in this storm where they could leave a reprimand that she might see.

This controversial mom and her kids haven’t been on the air for their Kate Plus 8 show since 2017. But besides Kate Gosselin starring in a dating show earlier this year, they recently did a Kate Plus 8 special on TLC.

The family got together to tour college campuses with the Gosselin twin 19-year-old daughters, Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin. TLC made this trip into a reality special. During filming, the TV mother addressed Hannah’s absence from the show saying she opted not to come. She never mentioned anything about Collin not being there and fans were fuming.

The consensus of the fans’ comments seemed to suggest Collin Gosselin is like the forgotten child to this Kate Plus 8 reality mom.

He Said – She Said – Fans Find Jon Gosselin the Genuine One?

Jon Gosselin started what could be considered a he-said-she-said scenario with his allegations towards the mother from Kate Plus 8. While Kate Gosselin hasn’t addressed Jon’s claims yet, some fans seem to be at the ready for that to happen. She did say she makes it a point not to respond to his ramblings. But she also claimed that she will sometime soon.

There are two sides to every story. But a few fans don’t seem to care what the TV mom will say when she addresses Jon’s allegations. They appear to find Jon more genuine than his ex-wife.

Of course, the folks who watched both Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8 have seen both parents in action. So they know how differently Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin parent their kids by watching the TLC reality shows.

Another comment from a viewer suggests this mom sent Collin Gosselin away instead of letting Jon have him. Plenty of one-line comments popped up regarding the allegations from Jon. Several disenchanted fans sound similar in their comments. Like this one – “I can’t believe you abandoned Collin”.

Jon’s allegations were loaded and fans online today tend to side with him over his Kate Plus 8 ex. Many of the fans formed their opinions of each parent from what they’ve seen on the screen. But either way, the fans made sure to get their opinions heard as the comments pile up condemning the behavior of the star from Kate Plus 8.


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