‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Tosses Curve Balls But Fans Wise to Her Tactics?

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin can’t deny she rakes in the dough allowing cameras into her home to film her household full of teenagers. But she does deny the accusations that the filming isn’t in the kids’ best interest.

Followers of the Kate Plus 8 well-known mom seem to think she has a tendency to twist things so she’s never at fault. This is evident in the many comments over the past years.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Lays It on Thick

Fans suggest Kate Gosselin puts her own twist on things so it sounds a bit differently than how it happened at times. She did this with a judge not too long ago, who apparently saw right through her.

Jon Gosselin doesn’t want any of his kids appearing on the reality show with Kate Gosselin. So this ended up in court. The judge wanted details before deciding on whether or not to let the kids appear on Kate Plus 8.

Apparently the judge asked about the filming of her kids for her reality show, the Kate Plus 8 mom made it sound as innocuous as it could get. But that’s not the way a judge saw it.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin - Mady Gosselin - Cara Gosselin

Another Bizarre Twist in a Story

That’s not the end of the twists she’s offered lately. As the fans blast her about what she suggests is the harmless filming of her brood, they mention a few more twisted incidents.

She recently offered a post that looked as if she attempted to gather some sympathy. The star of Kate Plus 8 broke into a spiel about the “needless unfair” treatment of her twin daughters.

Kate Gosselin also claims, “I love these kids fiercely…and I don’t apologize for my tears”. But fans saw right through this as it didn’t stop her from putting the kids on camera. Recently Kate Plus 8 ran a special about the twins. This entailed the TLC cameras shooting Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin on their college tour.

So if this mom is so concerned about her kids getting “unfair treatment” why did she do this? Some of the Kate Plus 8 fans want to know why she paraded the kids in front of national television once again? The safe thing to do would be to stop the filming. But despite a judge handing down the decision which banned the TLC show from filming the kids, it looks like Kate Gosselin ignored it.

Kate Plus 8: Matriarch Plays Scorned Mother?

It looks like the mom of eight kids twisted another story recently as well. The Kate Plus 8 mother sounded very disappointed that her daughter Hannah Gosselin missed the college tour trip. She said that Hannah was not able to come and that she is with her father Jon. She also said it was sad that Hannah missed two family trips.

This mom from Kate Plus 8 put on an act, according to reports. She talked with the producers on camera about Hannah’s absence. She told the producers it made her sad that Hannah opted not to spend time with her siblings on that trip.

According to the latest reports Hannah missed the trips because she wasn’t aware of them. No one told the daughter who lives with her dad that there was a trip she could go on with her siblings.

Still, this mother who stars in Kate Plus 8 looked into the camera and shared how sad she is over Hannah’s decision. When it sounds like the 15-year-old had no idea she had a decision to make. Hannah is one of the famous Gosselin sextuplets, who along with her brother Collin, opt to live with dad Jon Gosselin.

Judge Saw Through the Kate Gosselin Spiel

It looks like the twists and turns about the Kate Plus 8 kids and the lives they lead just keep on coming. Kate was told by a judge not to film the kids for the reality show. He didn’t think it was in the best interest of the kids. She ignored that ban and did it anyway.

But before he offered that ban she presented her thoughts on filming to the judge. Kate Gosselin explained how the filming was nothing and it had a benign effect on the kids.

But the judge learned something different. When he was told how the kids filmed fake birthday parties for the show. Instead of allowing their real birthday parties filmed, the kids played out a fake party for the cameras. Apparently the children didn’t want the cameras infiltrating their special day.

This certainly didn’t coincide with Kate Plus 8 celeb’s previous reasoning that filming had little effect on her kids. Again, followers of the show saw this as another one of Kate’s twists. Kate Plus 8 viewers suggest that she somehow manages to mold the situation to her liking. They believe so she appears the victim when apparently she’s not.

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