Kanye West’s Tootsies ‘Too Small’ For Grandpa Slippers at Wedding – Deemed Hilarious

Kanye West showed up at 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s wedding in a pair of slippers that looked too small. His footware sparked armchair comedians to have a field day. He was with his wife, Kim Kardashian, but Kanye West was the focus of the fashion critiques. This time around Kim Kardashian took the back seat to Kanye when it came to fashion news. From the photo above you can see why Kanye West’s slippers were deemed “too small.”

Kanye West’s Slippers Took Top Billing Over Kim Kardashian’s Curves

Kim looked ravishing in a “neon-yellow” floor-length dress that couldn’t have hugged her curves more if it was painted on. Kanye West, on the other hand, was in a pale-green suit without a shirt. But it was his feet that got all the attention. He wore gray socks and slippers complete with Velcro straps.

The Insider describes Kanye’s slippers as “beige Yeezy slides” but that is not how the armchair fashion critics saw his footwear. Many people commented that the slippers appeared “a size-too-small” for Kanye’s tootsies. Others quipped that this was far from traditional wedding attire.

Wedding Attire or Hospital Garb on Kanye West?

Some did shoot praise his way for looking so comfortable in his slippers. But most folks offered-up rather comical descriptions of his feet. Kanye looked as if he stepped out in “hospital slippers,” which was one social media user conveyed. Another compared his footwear to “air mattresses.”

Most of all, people couldn’t get over what he showed up wearing to attend a wedding.,

Yeezy’s footwear also got the tag of “pillowy slippers” online. But as the Insider reports, most people were concerned that the slippers looked too small for Kanye. If people could have taken their eyes off Kanye’s feet for a second or two they could have taken in the astonishing outfit that Kim Kardashian was wearing.

Kanye West’s Slippers Spark Field Day Online

Twitter had a field day with the feet of  Kanye West or what he decided to wear on them. It was a split decision among the folks on Twitter. Some thought they looked like the epitome of comfort. Still, others thought it looked like he threw on footwear like you would at home to take out the garbage.

The rapper caught all kinds of criticism on Twitter for wearing his “grandpa’s house slippers” to a friend’s wedding.

Much like the tweet below, people were relentless with the jokes.

Tootsies Donned In Slippers At Wedding Turns Heads

Another Twitter user offered up, “Kanye has the shoes you randomly grab when your mum tells you to help her with unloading the groceries.” Still, someone else took to Twitter to share how they “can’t stop thinking about Kanye wearing hospital slippers to a wedding.”

The feet have it this time around for the Life of Pablo rapper. He also managed to steal the limelight away from Kim Kardashian! Make sure to come back to Soap Dirt to check on all the news for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ show.