‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Spoilers: Vinny Guadagnino Prepares For Las Vegas Show – Gets Surprise Visit

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers show Vinny Guadagnino gets ready for his premiere day at Chippendales. Little does Vinny know he is going to have a surprise guest with him on stage. Pauly DelVecchio pranks his best friend by having Vinny’s Uncle Nino join him on stage, while wearing a speedo. Watch how the prank goes down on a new episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on MTV at 8 pm.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation – Vinny Guadagnino Prepares For First Show

Vinny Guadagnino was invited to join the men of Chippendales on stage as a guest host. A show that is well known for their male strippers. Unfortunately, Vinny injured himself days before heading to Las Vegas. So, he stayed off his feet hoping it would heal in time for his first show. The day of his first show quickly approaches and Vinny gets ready to hit the stage.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers indicate that Vinny Guadagnino is getting ready for his first show at Chippendales. He explains that “before my show, it’s all about working out.” He admits that being a stripper isn’t easy. He adds that “it takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication, a lot of sacrifices.” What he doesn’t know is he’s about to see a familiar face on the stage with him.

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Pauly DelVecchio Sets Up Ultimate Prank

Pauly DelVecchio is known as the prank war champion. To prank Vinny, Pauly invites his Uncle Nino to Las Vegas. Pauly states that he has “Uncle Nino coming to Vinny’s show to perform in his speedo at Chippendales on stage.” Though, Vinny Guadagnino has no idea that his uncle will be at his show. 

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers explain that Pauly DelVecchio’s plan is going to happen. Pauly says that “it’s going down today. Prank war champion defending his title.” Pauly calls to check in on Uncle Nino to make sure the plan is still in motion. However, Pauly gets no answer from him.

Uncle Nino Heads To Las Vegas

Uncle Nino is notorious for embarrassing his nephew, Vinny Guadagnino. So, it is no surprise that he would try to embarrass Vinny on his first day of being a stripper. Uncle Nino didn’t hesitate when Pauly came to him with this plan. Although, Vinny made it clear that he didn’t want anyone from his family watching him on stage. Too late now since Uncle Nino is on his way.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers indicate that Uncle Nino is on his way to Las Vegas. Although, not without making sure that he has his speedo packed. Uncle Nino goes to his bedroom before leaving to make sure he has the one thing Pauly asked him to bring. From Staten Island to Las Vegas, Uncle Nino is all ready to hit the stage.

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