‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: DJ Pauly DelVecchio Shows off No Gel Quarantine Look with Beard

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio had fans shocked over his new look. A look that was created while being in lockdown.  Pauly has not been one to switch up his style. He has had the same facial appearance for years. But, now he has a new style that has seemingly grown on him. Continue reading to find out the change he made to his appearance.

Jersey Shore: Pauly DelVecchio Switches up Look in Quarantine

Pauly DelVecchio has been doing his part to help stop the spread of the virus. Like most people, he has been spending a lot of time indoors and social-distancing. During this time, he hasn’t been able to visit his barber. A person that he usually sees frequently. Barbershops had not been open. Due to the virus outbreak. So, Pauly seemingly thought it was the best time to try out a new look.

The Jersey Shore cast member took the time in quarantine to switch up his look. Pauly DelVecchio tends to go for a more clean, shaven look. But, that has all changed. He recently grew out his beard. Many fans thought that he looked unrecognizable. Yet, it seems like the beard might be here to stay,. Since Pauly recently got the chance to see his barber to freshen up his beard look.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Pauly DelVecchio

DJ Pauly D Ditches the Hair Gel

Pauly DelVecchio is very particular when it comes to his hair. He is known for his signature blowout look. Fans only know him having that hairstyle. The Jersey Shore OG rarely shows off what his hair looks like with no hair gel in it. If he doesn’t have gel in his hair, he tends to wear a hat to cover it. However, being in lockdown has seemingly changed him.

The Jersey Shore reality star didn’t just let his beard grow. Pauly DelVecchio also ditched his notorious blowout hairstyle. In a social media video, he let fans see what his hair looks like without hair gel in it. Although, unlike the beard, the no blowout look isn’t here to stay. By the end of the video, Pauly was back to rocking his blowout.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Pauly DelVecchio

Jersey Shore Cast and Fans React to New Look

Pauly DelVecchio’s new quarantine look didn’t go unnoticed. Fans were quick to share their opinions on his new look. Many fans seem to love his new beard. Many of the comments said that Pauly “suits the beard.” One fan even said it suits him “very well.” While another fan told him to “keep the beard.” A few fans said that he should change his hair next.

Fellow Jersey Shore castmates even made comments about Pauly DelVecchio’s fresh look. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino said that the DJ’s “new look is fire.” While his bromance partner, Vinny Guadagnino said that he should “get the skin fade now and 2 on top!” But, will DJ Pauly D ditch his blowout for a new hairstyle?

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