‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’: Cynthia Bailey’s Sister Malorie Bailey Says Husband MIA For 5 Months

Iyanla: Fix My Life featured Cynthia Bailey and her sister, Malorie Bailey. The reality TV stars opened up about Malorie’s troubled marriage. While Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers saw the demise of Cynthia’s marriage, reality fans now see her sister’s marriage ending.

Iyanla: Fix My Life – Malorie Bailey called a gold-digger by Cynthia Bailey

Malorie Bailey has been married for 12 years to 41-year-old Chris Massie. Born in Houston, 6′ 9″ basketball player has played around the world. But back on Miss Iyanla’s couch, Malorie feels like she’s in Cynthia’s shadow. Although the sisters are only 11 months apart, Cynthia Bailey was a caretaker type of mom to Malorie.

Iyanla tapped Cynthia Bailey and also her mother, Barbara Bailey, for insight. Cynthia reveals that Malorie always wanted to be taken care of financially. Vanzant called that being a gold digger. Meanwhile, Malorie admitted her mistake in marrying Chris only two and a half months after they began dating. She said she married Massie for his potential, handsomeness, and attraction. Now the couple has separated, and Chris won’t speak to her.

Massie ghosted Malorie

While Malorie said she filed for divorce, she also confessed that Chris hadn’t contacted her in five months. In the interim, Iyanla convinced Malorie to focus on her own reasons behind her behavior, instead of thinking of Massie.

Mal realized she thought she could fix the things she didn’t like about Chris. “I know the financial security part of it was always a big deal for her,” Cynthia Bailey said about her sister. The matriarch, meanwhile, admitted her own marriages weren’t perfect. “My husbands, they were physically and mentally abusive.”

Divorce ahead for Malorie?

As Iyanla dubbed Malorie a gold digger, the reality star insisted that while men may have “had the higher check,” she “always earned a check.” She insisted she didn’t target rich men. Cynthia’s sister said she has also dated guys without much money.

Miss Cynthia Bailey hovered over Malorie and hugger her as she cried. “Miss Cynthia– Miss Cynthia, don’t do that. Let her go. Let her go,” Vanzant implored. Eventually, Cynthia let her sister go. “Let her sit in it. She’s got to feel it. Otherwise, she’s going to think her way out of it,” Iyanla said.

Malorie Bailey stepping out of the shadows

The quickie marriage that happened in Las Vegas could end in divorce, if Malorie Bailey hears from her husband. Chris has responded to a couple of emails. But she feels exhausted trying to make things work out and create a life. And the comparisons between the sisters don’t help, “because we’re so close and everybody just compares us,” said the younger sister.

Miss Malorie is staring at the end of her marriage and the beginning of a new life. Iyanla wants her to focus on herself as a person, and not her possessions.

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