‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ Charrisse Jackson: My Husband Cheated, Moved A Woman Into His House


Iyanla: Fix My Life featured Charrisse Jackson, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Viewers know that Charrisse is famous for her “champagne room” and other luxuries. But Iyanla got to the heart of her problems. Charrisse Jackson admitted she wasted a lot of her life on a person who didn’t want her and gave up on his wife: Eddie Jordan.

Iyanla: Fix My Life: Charrisse Jackson’s cheating husband

Charrisse Jackson felt embarrassed about the infidelity throughout the marriage. She first learned about the cheating in the eighth year of their marriage. But Charrisse made excuses to remain with the man who didn’t desire her and moved to New Jersey. Her husband took a job and moved a woman into the house.

Overall, there has been a lot of infidelity, Charrrisse admitted. Additionally, her estranged husband didn’t want her and has demonstrated that fact.

Iyanla Helps Charrisse Identify Her Value

Vanzant, meanwhile, encouraged Charrisse to claim her identity. And Charrisse agreed it was very important to understand the strength of black women. Slave ship occupants suffered “degradation, humiliation, violence, hunger, starvation.”

Then the reality TV star leaned she shouldn’t focus on wearing $800 worth of clothes.

Charrisse shouldn’t cry over her ex-husband. Vanzant challenged Charrisse to consider her focus. Experience or identity? Charrisse admitted it was her experience and not her identity. She’s stuck.

A “Stuck Woman”

Vanzant showed up for the second day, disheveled. She called it a rough morning. “My closet door got stuck,” Iyanla claimed. She had curlers in her hair, covered in a bonnet.

Acceptance by men was critical to needy women, Iyanla noted. Divorce could make a child feel alone and afraid. But that trigger does not have to equate always feeling that way. The path to healing for Charrisse and other viewers has begun. Getting unstuck can help them break free, so discovering how they got stuck is key.

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