Is Thomas Forrester Dead on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’?

Is Thomas Forrester dead on Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers said a major character would die. Then Matthew Atkinson‘s character fell in a huge vat of acid. Now, Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) scared she killed him. But did Thomas kick the bucket on B&B on CBS daytime? From the spoilers and promos, it sure seemed like someone would die. Now, some fans are still asking whether Thomas lives or dies.

Did Thomas Forrester Die on Bold and the Beautiful?

On the most recent episode of B&B, spoilers had Hope running around frantic searching for Thomas Forrester. Charlie Webber’s (Dick Christie) warning about the acid panicked her. Then, she ran and leaned over the acid tank, peering for his corpse.

Then we’re treated to Charlie in a Haz-Mat suit. Bold and the Beautiful‘s inconsistent safety measures with the acid plot are laughable, at best. Now, Hope’s certain she killed Thomas Forrester and the chemical dissolved his body.

Soon, Hope’s guilt eats at her like she thinks the acid did her ex-hubby. But, is Thomas Forrester dead on Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers confirm he survived and is back next week. For now, though, Hope tells Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) that she klld her ex-husband/step-brother.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson)

Spoiler Alert: No, Thomas Didn’t Die on B&B

In case you missed any of the signs – you might be wondering. Is Thomas Forrester dead or alive? The answer is presumed dead, but still alive and kicking. However, all the Bold and the Beautiful spoiler say he’s off scene until next week.

So, it appears he hopped out of his acid bath and went off to lick his wounds and plot. Because B&B spoilers confirm he takes a big step in his anti-Logan scheme next week. But, this may require him to remain in the shadows for a while.

Thomas Forrester dead is the best way to mess with Hope and Brooke. If they think he’s dead, he can haunt or gaslight them. Or Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Thomas Forrester could even try and set up Hope to go down for his “murder”. That would be poetic since Brooke got away with trying to kill him herself.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Fakery – Thomas Alive and Scheming

B&B spoilers promised a character death – but these were a big fake pulled on fans. Because, Thomas Forrester’s death is a big old “fooled you” to fans. We’ll see confirmation soon as he’s spotted alive, angry, and plotting payback. But, he could hide awhile.

To get his revenge, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Thomas Forrester needs to go missing for a while. The Forresters think he’s MIA. But the Logans think he’s dead once Hope confesses. So, it’s a good set up for him to stir trouble.

B&B – Will the Logans Get Another Chance to Kill Thomas?

However, is there a chance that Thomas’ revenge plan goes too far and one of the Logans really does kill Thomas Forrester? Keep watching the CBS sudser to see this all play out on B&B. Because he isn’t safe yet. Brooke hates him and pushed him off a cliff once. Who knows what she might do next…

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