Is Tessa Leaving ‘Young and the Restless’ – Or Can Mariah Win Her Back?

Fans are asking is Tessa Porter leaving The Young and the Restless and whether Cait Fairbanks e Y&R. Given the drama (and cheating) this week with Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes), it’s a question worth asking. Here’s the latest on the actress’ contract status and what to expect.

Is Tessa Porter Leaving Young and the Restless?

Spoilers see that Tessa Porter comes home to find Mariah in a very compromising position with Lindsay, the bartender (Kirby Bliss Blanton). Thanks to Tanner Watts (Chase Coleman), Mariah assumed Tessa was bedding him. So, Mariah sexed up the bartender on Young and the Restless.

Spoilers promise early this week, Tessa Porter walks in on them together. And obviously, they’d been intimate. Then, Mariah lied to Tessa about it after rudely asking why she’s come home – to their apartment where they live. Of course, Mariah’s in the wrong – and her girlfriend walks out.

So, is Tessa Porter done at Young and the Restless? Spoilers wonder if this is the end for them and is Cait Fairbanks leaving. First, the CBS soap dropped Cait from contract to recurring. So, that’s not a good sign for her fate on Y&R.

Y&R Spoilers – If Tessa & Mariah Copeland Split, It Doesn’t Look Good

Young and the Restless spoilers have this split as a red flag. With her ex-love Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) gone, if she and Mariah break-up for good, it doesn’t bode well for Cait Fairbanks. Because characters without family or romances tend to drift off the CBS sudser.

So, will Tessa Porter forgive Mariah and take her back? If so, then Cait Fairbanks may not be leaving The Young and the Restless. Plus, Tessa’s told Mariah a ton of lies over the past couple of years. She lied about her past and plenty more. However, Tessa never cheated on her.

So, in the end, Mariah’s cheating with the blonde bartender – and then lying about it – could be a deal-breaker. Young and the Restless spoilers predict Mariah runs to her mom about it. But, Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) got her own issues. So, will she run back to Tanner?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks)

Tanner’s Duplicity Revealed Could Save “Teriah” on Young and the Restless

Spoilers predict one thing that could save Mariah and Tessa Porter’s relationship is exposing Tanner’s part in this. Since he convinced Mariah that he and his wife are “together”, it pushed her to the brink. That’s what led her to hop into the sofa bed with Lindsay.

But, maybe Mariah can get Tessa Porter to listen. Then, she can show Tessa proof of Tanner’s interference. And that might help save Teriah, tease Y&R spoilers. For now, though, things look bad. Tessa knew Mariah cheated and walked out on her.

So, to the question – is Tessa leaving on Young and the Restless – the answer is “wait and see”. Because Y&R might be sidelining her now so Mariah can focus on her mom’s cancer. Then reunite them later once that plotline wraps its arc. Keep watching to see Tessa Porter’s fate.

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