Is Philip Kiriakis Coming Back to Days of Our Lives?

With all the name drops this week, it begs the question if Philip is coming back to Days of Our Lives. It’s been a few years since Philip Kiriakis (John-Paul Lavoisier) left town furious at Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry). He left on okay terms with both Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) and his mom Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). Recently, Kate and Victor talked about their son and both want him back. So, has DOOL pulled a fast one and will Philip pop up soon as a total surprise to fans?

Is Philip Kiriakis Going to Turn Up on DOOL?

There are many signs that Victor and Kate’s prodigal son might wander back to Salem soon on Days of Our Lives. First is that he’s on the mind of lots of people. Not only were Kate Roberts and Victor Kiriakis talking about him, but so was Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) and Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey). The women talked about Victor’s relationship with his son by Kate.

Plus, recent DOOL spoilers promise Vivian Alamain (recast with Robin Strasser) is back soon. As she carried and birthed Philip, she has a deep attachment to him. Victor rehired Kate to Titan hoping, in part, that it might lure their son back to town to work at the family corporation. So, are all these hints pointing to the return of Philip Kiriakis?

Days of Our Lives Needs Philip Kiriakis

Adding Philip back into the mix on DOOL right now would be perfect. With Vivian returning, if he was back, that would set up the dynamic of his two mothers and dad altogether and would be awkwardly wonderful. Right now, Victor has grandson Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) running Titan. However, he’s up to no good lately and is constantly scheming.

Brady is aggravated on Days of Our Lives that Kate Roberts is back at Titan. If Philip is back, it would certainly have Brady on his toes as Kate and Philip Kiriakis would ally against him. There’s also the fact that Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) is back. Victor’s nephew would gladly team up with Philip and Kate against Brady. He’s always looking to make trouble.

Philip vs Stefan Would Be Epic

Another reason it’s a great time for Philip Kiriakis to come back to Days of Our Lives is to set him off against Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). Since Vivian’s biological son would rival the son she carried as a surrogate, that could be lots of soapy fun. Plus, since Philip loved Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) and now Stefan is into her, they could have a business and personal rivalry.

Also, there’s the back and forth paternity tests concerning Parker Jonas on DOOL. That child might have set a soap record for most paternity test swaps. So, they could always flip that switch again since Daniel is dead and make Parker a Kiriakis heir. Since showrunner Ron Carlivati raises the dead and goes all out, a paternity swap would be nothing to him.

Is John-Paul Lavoisier Coming Back to Days of Our Lives?

There’s one last little tidbit that hints Philip Kiriakis may be back to DOOL. JP was at a Days of Our Lives fan event in November 2018 (see above). Since the NBC soap films six months ahead, coincidentally, that would be when he would have taped, if there was going to be a Philip appearance. The actor has other projects in the works, but he might have filmed and already be done.

The problem with the show taping so far in advance is that casting news usually leaks well ahead of time. So, if the soap did manage to sneak in John-Paul and surprise fans with a Philip Kiriakis return, that would be a shocker. And if Philip isn’t coming back, then why is he on everyone’s mind? We’ll see what happens.

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