Is Obrecht Leaving ‘General Hospital’?

Fans are wondering if Liesl Obrecht is leaving General Hospital and if Kathleen Gati‘s exiting the sudser because of current storylines. Now, Dr O’s making plans to head home to Switzerland. Recently, Liesl decided it might be best to leave town because her role in deceiving Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is out. No doubt, she wants to protect herself in case her niece decides to press charges. However, she is also hoping some distance will ease Nina’s anger and make her miss her crazy aunt on ABC’s GH. But things are shifting and Nina might remain in the dark.

Is Dr Liesl Obrecht Leaving General Hospital? Spoilers Hint Trouble Ahead

GH spoilers recall Liesl Obrecht could see right through Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) scheme. Surely, she knew Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) was too good to be true. Remember, she held it over his head for quite some time threatening to tell Nina the truth. Then, she decided it would be best if Nina never found out the truth because it would break her heart.

So, she joined forces with Valentin and Sasha and made it her mission to hide the truth. No doubt, she just wanted her niece to remain happy. But now, the truth is out and Liesl’s relationship with Nina is in jeopardy. So, she thinks it’s best to give Nina some space and hide out in Switzerland for a while. So, does that mean Dr Obrecht’s leaving General Hospital? Spoilers look that way now, but this situations’ changing by the day.

Is Kathleen Gati Done at GH? Spoilers Question Her Fate on ABC Soap

General Hospital spoilers promise Liesl Obrecht is planning to retreat home to Switzerland. Certainly, Nina Reeves knows what her aunt is capable of. So, she’s almost certain Liesl was part of the plot to pass Sasha off as her daughter. Of course, Liesl is denying it because she doesn’t want to lose Nina. Certainly, there’s many obstacles to strengthen their relationship and Dr O doesn’t want to lose it.

Additionally, she doesn’t want to lose Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and grandson James. So, she’s hoping Nina might cool down if she leaves for a while. So, she’s packing to leave Port Charles. However, Sasha Gilmore let both Valentin and also Liesl off the hook taking all the blame herself. So, there’s a chance Nina will believe her. That means Obrecht leaving General Hospital‘s not necessary.

Nina Reeves Falls For Another Lie – Liesl May Stick Around General Hospital

GH spoilers know Sasha Gilmore took the fall for Liesl Obrecht and Valentin Cassadine. Remember, she told Nina another elaborate lie to protect her relationships with Dr O and Valentin. Surely, she knows they love Nina with all their hearts and were only trying to make her happy. Although, it was the worst way to do it. So, Sasha is trying to right her wrong and salvage Nina’s family.

Recently, it seemed Nina is close to believing Sasha acted alone and Valentin and Liesl are just a much victim as she is. So, if Nina believes yet another lie it’s doubtful Liesl will leave – at least not yet. Clearly, there’s still a shred of hope that Nina will forgive her Aunt Liesl. Don’t miss a second of GH on ABC to see if Liesl Obrecht will keep her plans to leave town or decide to stick around after all.

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