Is Katie Leaving ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ – Heather Tom Out at ‘B&B’?

The kidney plot has fans wondering is Katie Logan leaving Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tell us the answer on whether Heather Tom‘s out at B&B. Right now, things look really bad. And they go from bad to worse this week on the CBS soap. Katie Logan’s family gets tested to see if they’re a match to donate a kidney since both hers are going bad. However, it doesn’t look like any of those come up a fit to donate. So, what does that mean for Katie? Is Heather Tom in her final days on the CBS soap? Check it out.

Is Katie Logan Leaving Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers Say…

B&B spoilers on Katie Logan’s fate are dire but then gradually improve. This week starts with Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) coming to the hospital to check on Katie but Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) curb kicks her. He tells her and her daughter to stay away. But maybe he should slow his roll. Because things aren’t looking good for other family members to donate her a life-saving kidney.

The one family member they know was a biological match was Storm Logan (William deVry). But he killed himself to give Katie Logan his heart, so he’s not around to donate. On Friday, kidney specialist Dr Davis (Tisha Campbell) debuts and she’s got dire news for Katie. No doubt, chatter picks up steam on Heather Tom leaving Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers promise touching scenes between her and Will Spencer (Finnegan George).

Heather Tom Leaving B&B? Spoilers Indicate the Answer is No

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the cliffhanger Friday episode on October 4 shows Dr Davis giving terrible news to Bill and Katie Logan. He’s distraught when they find out Katie can’t live much longer without a kidney donation. But, with almost all the family tested and not a match, plus friends and other loved ones too, where can they turn? There’s one Logan they’ve shunned… Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden).

Because she’s so eager to redeem herself in the Logan’s eyes, Flo gets herself tested and gets the stunning news that she’s a match and could save Katie Logan’s life. But with the Logans treating her and Shauna like garbage, will she make the donation? It’s logical that Flo’s a good match to donate since she’s Storm’s kid and his heart beats in her aunt’s chest now. So, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers give hope that Katie Logan’s not leaving.

Bold and the Beautiful: Katie Lives Thanks to Father-Daughter Organs

While B&B spoilers remind Storm had to commit suicide to save Katie’s life, Flo won’t have to go to those extremes. Hot new spoilers for the following week of October 7-11 show Flo has surgery and donates a kidney. That means Heather Tom exit talk was premature she’s sticking around. And that kidney donating surgery also means Katie Logan leaving Bold and the Beautiful won’t happen either.

By next week, Katie’s got a new kidney. That means she’s got a heart from Storm and a kidney from his daughter. That’s probably the closest Flo might ever get to her father. So, don’t miss any of the tense action on B&B as we see Katie Logan come through this kidney ordeal thanks to her sketchy cousin. Look for plenty more scenes of Heather Tom on the CBS sudser.

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