Is Jordan Ashford Leaving ‘General Hospital’ – Briana Nicole Henry Update

General Hospital fans wonder if Jordan Ashford is leaving GH. Things look bad for the police chief played by Briana Nicole Henry. Jordan has just one kidney and things look dire. Even though in the real world, people live with failing kidneys and get by with dialysis… The ABC soap makes it seem likes she’s about to die if she doesn’t get a donor. So, does that mean that Jordan Ashford is leaving General Hospital? Is Briana Nicole Henry’s contract up so soon? Here’s what we know about the fate of the PCPD boss on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Ashford Leaving GH

GH spoilers question whether Jordan Ashford will leave the soap soon. Certainly, things look grim. Dr Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) delivered worsening news. He said the police chief needs a new kidney right now. But there’s a volunteer donor, so that’s good news, right? Not so fast. Good twin Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) volunteered to give up one of his vital organs. So, that seems like a win. But nope, it’s not to be. Just because her predecessor left, doesn’t mean that Briana Henry will.

It turns out, say General Hospital spoilers, that Kevin’s recent hostage ordeal at the nuthouse left him with medical side effects. Being held captive has him pre-diabetic. That means the good doc isn’t eligible to donate anything right now. His body will recover, Finn told him, but not in time to save Jordan. Of course, this all seems very strange, since people can often live indefinitely on dialysis when their kidneys fail. But not in Port Chuck it seems. So, is she about to die?

GH Spoilers: Are The Writers Killing Jordan Off?

It seems unlikely, despite recent dire General Hospital spoilers, that Jordan will die. In fact, Kevin Collins volunteering to be tested was a sign of miraculous things to come. Kevin told Ava Jerome (Maura West) that he’s crushed he can’t donate his organ. He wanted to make up for some of the horrific damage his awful brother Ryan Chamberlain did. Doc thought if he gave a kidney to save Jordan, he would begin to make amends. And now he can’t.

But GH spoilers also promise that Ryan is back to town soon. The Nurses Ball sets the stage for the serial killer’s return to take on Kevin over his soul mate Ava. Already, Ryan is at a disadvantage because he cut off one of his hands. So, that should make him easier to conquer in a fight. In fact, since a trap was laid for him, everyone is on high alert Now they just need Ryan to fall into their snare. Then they can stop the killing — and maybe save the chief.

Kevin’s a Kidney Match – So is Ryan

Kevin volunteering his kidney was the best thing to happen, even though he’s not eligible. General Hospital spoilers remind that since he and Ryan are identical twins, that means Ryan is also a match. Also, aside from chopping off his own hand, he should be pretty healthy. Of course, there are two ways this can happen. One is if someone shoots Ryan when he comes for vengeance – then they can harvest his organs as he dies (with Kevin’s permission).

Second, is that Ryan is captured alive and is convinced to give up a vital organ. The latter seems the least likely GH spoilers scenario. With the clock ticking on Jordan Ashford’s life, let’s hope that Ryan is back soon. The latest ABC spoilers info says Ryan is back for the ball and will make his move then. Unfortunately for the villain, everyone is ready.  So to answer fans’ questions – no Jordan Ashford is not leaving GH. The soap hinted that she’s going to get a serial killer kidney!

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