Is Heather Tom Leaving ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ – Katie Logan Crisis Worries Fans

Fans are asking is Heather Tom leaving Bold and the Beautiful given Katie Logan‘s recent collapse? This is life and death stuff and later next week, the Logans, Spencers, and Forresters find out that Katie’s near-death because both her kidneys fail.

Without a life-saving donation, she’ll die. That’s what Dr Jordan Armstrong (Vincent Irizarry) tells the family next week. So, does that mean this character’s doomed and Heather Tom leaves B&B? Check out the action on the CBS sudser soon.

Is Heather Tom Leaving Bold and the Beautiful?

With Katie Logan in dire shape soon, B&B spoilers wonder about Heather Tom’s fate on the show. There’s a good reason to ask if the actress might exit the sudser. Because it’s apparent the actress has aspirations beyond acting on a soap opera.

She’s really into directing and is building an impressive resume. In addition to directing episodes of B&B, she’s got an episode of Young and the Restless on her professional roster as well. Heather also has three short films on her IMDB.

And, she’s helmed a whopping 21 episodes of Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers show she’s got more scened ahead so Katie lives on for a while yet. But what about the future? Is Heather Tom exiting the soap to move full-time behind the camera?

Is Katie Logan Dying on B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers sure like dire for Katie. So, it makes sense that viewers would ask if Heather is done at B&B. However, it’s important to look at Katie Logan’s collapse as part of the bigger picture. This plot isn’t really about Katie.

It’s more about Felony Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden). It looks like the CBS sudser wants to keep her around, but she’s the black sheep of the Logan family right now. Helping steal a baby’s about as low as you can go. So, they need desperately to redeem her.

But how do you make a character so despicable into someone that soap watchers – and the Forresters and Logans – can tolerate? If Flo coughs up a kidney to save Katie Logan, that’s a pretty good redemption story. And also means Heather Tom’s not leaving Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Heather Tom and Katie Logan Not Leaving

Fans can relax because there’s no B&B spoilers pointing to Katie Logan’s storyline ending. In fact, aside from kidney failure, things look good right now. Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) committed to their family. And her collapse scares him into realizing what he could lose.

So, Heather Tom leaving Bold and the Beautiful seems an extreme long shot. This kidney conundrum is about cleaning up Flo’s tattered reputation so she can stick around the soap too. But fans probably wouldn’t mind if the baby stealer kicked the bucket.

Now, it seems Katie Logan fans can relax. No doubt, she’ll get a new kidney thanks to her cousin. And Heather sticks around B&B to keep up the storyline going. With Dollar Bill scared now that Katie’s at death’s door, she might even swap a hospital gown for a wedding gown. Watch and see.

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