Is Flo Fulton Leaving ‘Bold and the Beautiful’?

Fans are asking is Flo Fulton leaving Bold and the Beautiful? So, what’s the fate of Katrina Bowden‘s character? Right now, Flo’s in jailhouse garb and cooling her heels behind bar. So does that mean that Katrina Bowden’s leaving B&B? Maybe not. Despite the grim outlook, there are many signs that point to her sticking around at least a few more months.

Although Flo Fulton’s part in the baby swap scheme caused devastation and pain for Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), there’s always room for redemption. Particularly on a soap opera. Things look grim for her character now that the LAPD arrested Felony Flo, but don’t count her down and out. She may yet claw her way back to the top. Take a look at the current spoilers for Flo for the CBS sudser and what her fate might be.

Bold and the Beautiful: Flo Fulton Wasn’t the Mastermind – Will That Help Her Case?

B&B spoilers recall Flo Fulton was not the mastermind of this hurtful plot – but she did go along with it. Dr Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) enlisted her help and paid her five figures to pose as the fake birth mother. But little Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) blabbed to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and that ended the lie. On the plus side, Flo Fulton was on the cusp of confessing to Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) before Liam busted in.

Time and again, she wanted to tell the baby truth. However, if Flo Fulton left town as planned, the secret might never have come out. Remember, she only stayed in LA when she decided to stay and make a play for high school sweetie Wyatt. Then, things deepened with the reveal that Storm Logan’s (William deVry) her biological father. With the Logans welcoming her with open arms, it wasn’t easy to make a graceful exit from the City of Angels.

Plus, at every turn, someone was pushing Flo Fulton to keep quiet. Even her own mom, Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) wanted her to zip it and enjoy her shiny new life in sunny California. But still, Flo wanted to confess, but she always allowed others to talk (or threaten) her out of it. Instead, she watched her cousin Hope relentlessly grieve. She saw Hope end her marriage to Liam and marry Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Yet she never said a word, recall Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

After Flo Loses It All, Will Katrina Bowden Leave B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers know that no matter her good intentions, the bottom line was that Flo never came clean. She always let it slide over and over. Meanwhile,a  four-year-old boy acted more ethically than she did. And he was being threatened by Thomas, too. But the little guy manned up and told the truth. So, there’s really no excuse for Felony Flo to have kept the secret. And without her, the adoption might never have happened. She was the lynch pin.

To make things worse, she jumped right into a romance with Wyatt after he dumped Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) for a much lesser transgression. Flo knew she was deceiving him from the moment she jumped into his bed and unpacked her bags at his house. There’s no excuse for what she did except that it served her at the moment. Sure, she felt guilty – but she let Hope suffer anyway – and knew Steffy would come out of this wounded too. She’s been trouble since she showed up in town

The Logans welcomed her and she got a cushy job at Forrester Creations courtesy of cousin Hope. So, it’s clear to all of them why she kept lying to their faces every day at work. Now, though, thanks to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), she’s in jail after he called the police. Surely, she’ll be sentenced to prison time, right? That means Flo Fulton leaves Bold and the Beautiful. But it doesn’t seem likely to go that way. Probably, Reese will be the only one in prison for the scam.

Flo Fulton Leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

B&B spoilers have seen Flo in jail – but that’s just county lock up. Shauna paid her a visit and let her know there was no money for bail or a lawyer. Then Detective Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) came to question her. She was prepared to make a full confession before he was called away. It’s clear she plans to blame things on Thomas to try and get herself out of trouble. But Ridge Forrester comes to visit next week. He might just get her out of this if she covers for his son.

Meanwhile, on Bold and the Beautiful, Flo’s fired and Wyatt dumped her. If this was real life, Flo Fulton would be heading for 20 years in prison and fans could expect Katrina Bowden to exit B&B. But new spoilers say she’s out of jail soon and fighting to win Wyatt back from Sally. Plus, it was mid January 2019 when the character debuted. She’s on contract and those tend to run in one-year increments.

So, it’s most probably we’ll be seeing lots more of Flo Fulton – at least until January 2020. That means even though Flo Fulton should leave B&B – don’t pack her bags just yet.. Keep watching CBS weekdays to see what unfolds.

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