Is Billy Abbott Leaving’ Young and the Restless’ – Jason Thompson Exits?

Many fans are asking is Billy Abbott leaving Young and the Restless. Spoilers wonder if Jason Thompson‘s days at Y&R are numbered. There are some worrisome signs about Billy’s future on the character canvas. Take a look at the red flags and latest info on Jason Thompson’s fate on the CBS sudser.

Is Billy Abbott Leaving The Young and the Restless?

Y&R spoilers show Billy Abbott dropping out of one storyline after another. And that’s a big red flag. First, there was the big plot of Killer Billy. His gum chewing alter ego had a little moment then Billy suddenly got better and it was nearly forgotten. It seemed abrupt.

Why amp up that “big “storyline for Jason Thompson then call it off? Then, Young and the Restless moved him over to be at Jabot clashing with Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). Then, instead of him going power mad at the family biz, he quit. Again, it was abrupt.

So, what can they be planning for Billy Abbott now? They’ve taken the fight out of him. will Jason Thompson’s character turn into a dull stay at home dad? Or, it could be that Young and the Restless is tying loose ends for Billy Abbott to exit.

What’s Jason Thompson’s Contract Status at Y&R?

It will be four years this January (2020) that Jason Thompson debuted as Billy Abbott on Young and the Restless. So, with his anniversary coming, that could point to contract negotiations. Of course, there’s no word on the length of his last Y&R deal.

And remember, Y&R recently axed Gina Tognoni as Phyllis Summers and it wasn’t at the end of her contract. Plus, the showrunners seem keen to bring back past actors and characters. So, there’s always the chance they’d backtrack to the former Billy Abbott.

Sometimes, there’s a contract clause about going on a new show when you leave on soap. Usually, it’s six months to a year. In January, it’ll be six months since Billy Miller exited General Hospital. So, that’s another hint something might be stirring. A faction of fans would love to see Miller back as Billy Abbott.

Why Is Young and the Restless Dismantling Billy Abbott’s Character?

A little while before Y&R swapped Phyllis Summers actresses, the CBS sudser did something similar. They knocked Phyllis out of her job and split her romantic relationship. That gave the show an almost clean state when they brought Michelle Stafford back.

So, perhaps Young and the Restless is doing the same thing with Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott. It sure seems strange all the ties Y&R’s cutting with this character. But, CBS is notoriously tight-lipped on casting. So, we wait… Perhaps it’s just moving him to the backburner for now and nothing more.

So, as to the question fans keep asking – is Jason Thompson leaving Young and the Restless? The answer for now is wait and see. But keep checking for all the latest info on Jason Thompson’s status as Billy Abbott.

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