‘Intervention’: Tristan Poops in the Backyard

Intervention fans were shocked to see that Tristan lived outside. He also handled his essential “business” in his sister’s backyard, such as pooping. What brought him to this point?

Intervention: Tristan Became an Alcoholic

On Intervention, we learn that Tristan suffered many losses early in life. From his mom’s untimely death to his brother’s suicide, he had been suffering a lot of pain and numbed his emotions by chugging beer.

His sisters tried to help him on Intervention. His oldest sister moved him from Oklahoma to Las Vegas to help him make something of himself. Tristan loved working in construction and quickly got a construction job. Construction workers are always in demand, so he was able to easily find a job.

But his alcoholism made him jump jobs. Eventually, Tristan became unemployed. His drinking habits prevented him from finding another job. From here, his alcoholism became worse on Intervention.

When he drinks, Tristan’s temper is out of control. He often took his anger out on his sister and nephew, causing her to kick him out of the house. But he had nowhere else to go, so his sister let him sleep in the backyard.

Intervention: Tristan

Tristan Was Homeless

On Intervention, Tristan explains that he would spend his days drinking in his sister’s backyard.

Since relations between them were strained, Tristan would avoid her at all times. He would often walk to the park where he would hang out, drink, and cook using those small grills. Throughout the day, he would pass out from drinking on Intervention — whether in his sister’s backyard or at the park.

Tristan would also handle his “business” in the backyard. Yes, that means he pooped near the bushes.

Intervention: Discovering Tristan Pooped

Tristan’s sister seeks help to clean up his mess from the backyard. When the sisters get in the backyard on Intervention, they didn’t realize the horrors of his mess. Dirty clothes and blankets. Old and expired food. Some of the food had bugs in it. Old cans of beer and other drinks that have gone bad.

The two ladies got trash bags and were throwing everything away on Intervention. They then scrubbed down the tables and other surfaces that Tristan may have used.

And then here comes the kicker. Tristan’s sister asked the other sister if she was prepared to clean the mess in the bushes. The sister asked what mess was in the bushes. When the two ladies neared the area, they gasped when they saw the mess. Toilet paper with a recognizable brown substance on it.

“Ew!” The ladies exclaim. Tristan walks into the backyard on Intervention. His sister tells him they have been cleaning up his mess and he needs to clean up his poop. Furious, he storms out of the backyard to go where he could get drunk somewhere else.

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