‘Intervention’: Susan’s Family Spends $900 a Week to Buy Drugs for Her

Intervention star Susan isn’t just admitting her drug problem. But, she’s also opening up about how much money she’s spending to support her drug-induced lifestyle.

Intervention: Susan Talks About Using Heroin

On Intervention, Susan reveals the reason why she first started using drugs. After moving out of her parent’s house at the age of 17, Susan worked hard to become successful. She talks about serving as a CNA and says she really enjoys helping people. However, her success and independence from her family didn’t last long. That’s because she received an injury at work while moving a patient.

So, Susan from Intervention talks about how she started to use OxyContin to help her manage the pain in her back. However, she realizes the pain killers weren’t the only helping her physical agony. Instead, she also notices a difference in how much emotional discomfort she has while using her prescription medication. But, she isn’t able to keep using OxyContin for long. That’s because Susan’s doctor stopped prescribing her the medication.

Since Susan was still in pain, she says she began to look around online for other options. After searching around on online websites, she found a site selling “black roofing tar.” On Intervention, she talks about she purchases some and how this experience is her introduction to drugs.

Intervention: Susan

Young Mom Dependent on Father

While on Intervention, Susan admits she isn’t able to work. Also, she says she’s lost her nursing job after missing too many days because of her drug addiction. So, she’s now out of a job and is living back at home with her mother. However, she isn’t stopping her drug usage. She admits to smoking heroin three times a day while sitting with her mother. Her mother, Dawn, watches Susan smoke.

However, Susan’s father isn’t living in the house anymore. That’s because he’s uncomfortable with the using habits of his daughter. But, this isn’t stopping him from financially providing for his daughter. She talks on Intervention about how her dad buys her groceries and makeup. Also, he’s supplying food for her boyfriend, who she is living with, and also uses drugs.

Intervention: Susan

Intervention: Susan’s Dad Spends Nearly $1,000 a Week on Her Addiction

On Intervention, Susan’s dad talks about how much money he’s spending on his daughter. Also, Nathan, Susan’s brother says his sister’s overdosed a few times. Then, she goes on to reveal she enjoys mixing cocaine and heroin together and injecting it. However, she talks about how she’s got large wounds on her arms from an infection. So, she says she’s stopped using a needle and now only smokes her drug of choice.

Then, it’s revealed on Intervention that Susan’s family spends $900 a week on buying her drugs.

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