‘Intervention’: Susan’s Flesh Eaten by Drugs (See Pics)

Intervention star Susan is opening up about the reason why she’s got large wounds on both of her forearms. Also, she allows cameras to take a close look at the wounds on her arms.

Intervention: Susan Explains Reason Behind Drug Addiction

Susan from Intervention isn’t just talking about the massive wounds on her arms. Instead, she’s also explaining the reason why she’s got large injuries on her arms and why she started using narcotics. At first, she goes on to talk about her rough childhood and how she doesn’t feel like her mom likes her. That’s because her mom would make rude comments about her, making fun of her weight and the way she spent her free time.

However, Susan from Intervention decided to work hard to leave her parent’s house as soon as she could. So, at the age of 17, she moved out of her parent’s house. Also, she studied hard and started working as a CNA. However, her dream of helping people didn’t last long. That’s because she was injured while lifting a patient, causing her to have to begin to use pain medication.

Yet, Susan was still able to work after she received her injury. On Intervention, she says she started to abuse the OxyContin she received. Also, she says this first drug addiction caused her to start missing work. So, she ended up losing her job.

Intervention: Susan

Drug Addict Lists Personal Preferences

On Intervention, Susan talks about the different ways she enjoys using drugs. After she’s unable to have her prescription filled by her doctor, Susan looks online for options. So, she found an online marketplace that offers “black roofing tar.” She ended up ordering some and that’s how she got fixed of heroin.

However, Susan from Intervention says her favorite way to use heroin is to fix it with cocaine. Also, she says she likes injecting these substances into herself.

Intervention: Susan

Intervention: Susan’s Life-Changing Infections

Susan from Intervention talks about how she’s got two major infections in both of her forearms. She says she has these infections because she shoots up drugs. So, she’s done using needles, but there’s a bad infection. Now, instead of injecting the narcotic, she says she’s smoking it.

However, before giving up her needle, Susan says she’s tried putting the narcotics into different places on her body. She says she injects her face and her neck area. But, the infection is so bad on her arms, she gives up using that intake method completely. Also, she says she keeps using because the drugs help her deal with the pain from the wounds. She describes the pain she’s feeling as a type of fire.

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