‘Intervention’: Dillon Brewer Commits Suicide

Intervention star Dillon Brewer committed suicide after battling his addiction to methamphetamine. His battle against his drug habit seemed to be making a turn for the better, but it’s suddenly ended in tragedy.

Intervention: Dillon Brewer Talks About Past Riddled With Addiction

Dillon Brewer from Intervention admits that he’s taken a lot of risks in his life. While he seems like a happy man on the outside, he opens up to viewers about how he’s struggled with his drug habit throughout his childhood. Now, he’s living with his father in a trailer that’s currently falling apart. Sadly, Dillon and his father both struggle with dependence.

While Dillon’s mom is extremely co-dependent, he doesn’t seem to care much about how he’s hurting his loved ones. Also, when faced with the dark reality of where his obsession going to lead him, he doesn’t seem to care too much. But, Intervention star Dillion understands that he’s following in the footsteps of his father, who struggles with alcoholism.

Tammy Brewer, Dillon’s mother, talks on Intervention about how she’s afraid her son’s going to follow in the footsteps of his father. While at the age of 20 years old, he injects himself with meth every single day. Also, he’s constantly rejecting any possibility of wanting to get help. However, his mother stages her son’s last shot at receiving the professional help he needs and deserves.

Intervention: Dillon Brewer

Where Does Professional Help Leave Desperate Man?

After sitting down and talking to his family on Intervention, Dillon Brewer finally agrees to get the help he deserves. He talks with Jeff on the show, who convinces him that he deserves to take the next steps towards recovery.

However, Dillon only spends one month in rehab before exciting. Yet, he says the Intervention show saved his life.

Intervention: Dillon Brewer

Intervention: Dillon Brewer Commits Suicide

Dillon Brewer from Intervention went over to his stepfather’s house, where his mother lives in Alex, Oklahoma. After arguing with his stepfather for a little bit, Dillon slaps his stepdad across the face with a firearm. Also, before his parents, Dillon’s accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend.

Then, a projectile was fired. However, it’s still unclear as to whether the Intervention star fired the bullet or if it was his stepdad. This is when someone calls law enforcement, who attempts to calm the former addict down. When the police arrive on the scene, bullets fire into the air. However, law enforcement says it’s unclear as to whether he was shooting at them or shooting in the air. Also, police say that Dillion announced that he was going to commit suicide.

There was an hour-long standoff before things took a turn for the worst. Dillion Brewer from Intervention ends up killing himself at the age of 25. Grady County Sheriff’s found him dead at 1:30 PM.

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