‘Intervention’: Amanda Is Arrested

Intervention fans witnessed many events in the most recent episode. Amanda goes to jail after her family and friends couldn’t find her. What did she do to land herself in jail?

Intervention: Amanda Breaks the Law

After her family, friends, and an expert on Intervention couldn’t find her for three days, the expert receives a call saying Amanda is in jail. The interventionist is close with a prominent defense lawyer, who sat in on her hearing that day.

On Intervention, we discover that she was carrying drug paraphernalia on her. She also had multiple other charges, including carrying a false credit card and more.

Fortunately, Amanda was released that day. That’s when her family, friends, and the expert on Intervention confronted her outside of the county jail. Her family was happy because this made the intervention process easier.

Intervention: Amanda

Amanda Ran Away

Why was Amanda arrested in the first place on Intervention? She ran away. She was upset by the camera crew and the whole filming process.

It all started when the Intervention crew interviewed her boyfriend, Mario. He confronted a girl who was loud, asking her to be quiet because the crew was picking up her voice on camera. The girl must have taken this request differently because her boyfriend confronted Mario during filming and tried to fight him.

Amanda was furious. Instead of blaming the girl or her boyfriend, she blamed the Intervention film crew. She took off her microphone, told them she couldn’t do “this” anymore and stormed off-camera. From there, she went missing.

Intervention: Amanda

Intervention: Is Amanda Receiving Help?

On Intervention, Amanda is addicted to crystal meth. She’s living in Las Vegas, cut off from the rest of her family in Minnesota. She’s also living in the tunnels underneath Vegas. At a young age, she had a traumatic experience. Her baby daddy is suspected of abusing their son, even though he was never charged. She lost her child to foster care.

From here, she suffered many hardships. She drank a lot while still living in Minnesota, even getting a DUI. She moved to Vegas to be with a friend, working as a street performer and making a lot of money. Somewhere along the lines, she started doing heavy drugs and cut off communication with her family and friends back home. On Intervention, her best friend, Cassie, even said she hadn’t talked to Amanda in two years.

Amanda had her intervention outside of the jail. Her mom, sister, Cassie, and the expert on Intervention all met up with her. The interventionist calmly discussed the idea of rehab and her family and friends begged her to go. Teary-eyed, she agreed. She embraces her family and friends before climbing into the car, on her way to rehab.

Now living in California, Amanda is sober. Her boyfriend, Mario, refused treatment. She hasn’t spoken to him since Intervention.

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