‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Tours Harvard Then Makes Hard Decision

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Jazz Jennings and her parents visit Harvard University. Although, she also got accepted to Pomona College. Both schools would be a great opportunity to attend. But, her parents, Greg Jennings and Jeanette Jennings are hoping she picks Harvard. Since Jeanette doesn’t think her daughter is ready to move so far away from home. Yet, it seems like Jazz may not even be ready to attend college altogether.

New I Am Jazz season airs January 28 at 9 pm on TLC.

I Am Jazz Update: Jazz Jennings Visits University Campus

Jazz Jennings heads to Cambridge, Massachusetts to visit her potential new home for post-secondary school. Her parents Greg and Jeanette Jennings join her as they get a tour of Harvard University. As her parents, they would want to know where their daughter will be spending her time, if she chooses to attend Harvard.

I Am Jazz spoilers show Jazz Jennings with her parents taking a tour of the campus. The transgender teen says that her parents really want her to go to Harvard. Her mom, Jeanette Jennings states that Harvard “is the place to be for you.” Her dad, Greg Jennings seems to agree. At that moment, the Florida teen doesn’t seem to have made her mind up as to which school she wants to attend.

Jeanette Jennings Against Daughter Moving To California

If Jazz Jennings decides to go to Harvard she will be a little closer to home. As opposed to attending Pomona College in California. If the decision were up to Jeanette and Greg Jennings, they would want her to pick Harvard. Since it is a little closer to Florida. But, both schools would offer such a great experience.

I Am Jazz spoilers indicate that Jazz Jennings’ mom believes that Harvard is a better choice for her. Jeanette Jennings pushes her daughter to pick Harvard. She says, “I absolutely 100% do not want you living in California.” Jeanette believes that her daughter is “just too unstable to be that far from home.” So, Jeanette would rather her daughter live in Cambridge.

Jazz Puts Going To College On Hold

This season Jazz Jennings seems to be dealing with a lot. She focuses on graduating from high school. She has to pick which college she will be attending in the fall. Jazz is also putting on a drag show fundraiser to help raise money for her friend Noelle Jaclyn’s bottom surgery. She also is still doing a lot of activist work. It doesn’t seem like the LGBTQ activist is dealing with the stress well. It may be too much for the TLC star to attend college so soon.

Many I Am Jazz fans already know what school Jazz Jennings has decided against attending college for now. But, now fans will see how comes to that conclusion. During the sneak peek, she states that she doesn’t know “if I’m ready to put myself in that situation where there is that much pressure to succeed.” However, the transgender reality star is seemingly able to find the strength to tell her family how she is feeling.

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